How Needle Phobia Can Be
Cured By Hypnotic Suggestion

Using self hypnosis mp3 downloads or hypnotherapy to cure needle phobia succeeds in many cases almost routinely. As with many phobias needle fear varies in severity from case to case however all cases have something in common in that the psychological mechanism which created and then sustains the phobia is highly responsive to the positive change which hypnosis can bring to it.

Needle Fear - aka Trypanophobia

Probably very few would actually enjoy the prospect of having a needle/hypodermic inserted into a vein or body part, but for some people - some estimates put it as high as 1 in 10 - the very thought of never mind the actual use of or sight of needles is more than enough to provoke fear and alarm.

Fears about needles are usually created by having had a bad experience with needles or sharp pointed objects in the past, often in childhood, whereby the original fear and anxiety caused by the experience has become linked to the individual's thought patterns and mental associations and which now color all of the patient's emotional and thinking responses toward anything that may involve the use of or even the sight of needles.

Some people have actually died as an indirect result of needle fear because their aversion to needles was so strong that they avoided necessary medical treatment which would have involved injections.

Overcoming Needle Phobia

Hypnosis/self hypnosis is ideally placed to deal with this problem. As stated above, the aversion to needles has become ingrained on the needlephobic's subconscious, as a result of some distressing past experience which left a powerful impression which subsequently grew to a highly irrational and damaging extent.

Hypnosis first involves getting yourself, or being helped into, a calm and relaxed state. While in a state of mental and physical relaxation the subconscious becomes open to the benefits of positive suggestions and mental imagery which, in the case of this phobia would be directed towards neutralizing and alleviating the deeply ingrained fear relating to needles, ultimately erasing that fear and leaving you with a practical and rational attitude towards needles and injections. An excellent hypnosis download has been created to deal with this specific phobia. In some cases one listening session may be enough, others may require a daily or nightly session for a few weeks.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads for Needle Fear

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