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The habit of compulsive masturbation - onania - is for the most part purely in the mind. Part of it has to do with chemicals released in the brain during orgasm, but the reasons behind it and why a person compulsively masturbates are very much more - at base - to do with issues/emotions such as stress, low self esteem, loneliness, boredom, and very possibly being addicted to pornography.

There are no medications or drugs that can be taken to overcome it, except for brain clouders like barbituates and sleeping pills, and no doctor worthy of the name would ever dream of prescribing anything like that as a treatment for compulsive behavior.

Addiction to masturbation is created in and by the mind and can only be overcome in and by the mind.

Another of the most salient points about this involves ensuring that you understand that sexual urges and fantasies are entirely normal and healthy - assuming that the fantasies involve consenting and willing adults - and that it isn't the fact that masturbation can feel good and "scratches the itch" of sexual desire that can't for the moment be satisfied fully that makes you do it compulsively.

You are or are becoming addicted to masturbation if you're finding that it's causing you to spend more and more time alone, possibly viewing online porn, and are consequently losing out on relationships, friendships, socializing etc as a result, and beginning to experience a loss of interest in genuine, healthy sexual fulfilment with another person.

Compulsive Onania

All habitual and compulsive behaviors are ultimately governed by what is happening in the subconscious. This includes things like compulsive overeating and smoking as well as habitual over-use of masturbation as a form of relief.

Hypnosis and/or self hypnosis can be and is successfully used to address and neutralize the subconscious thought patterns that actually create the impulse to masturbate compulsively. It's developed as a habit/compulsion because the subconscious has begun to associate the act itself and the subsequent orgasm with what it has come to "think" is a strategy that will provide relief from the tension, stress, frustration, depression or sheer boredom that actually underlies the problem.

Through relaxation and positive suggestion that underlying issue and the masturbation habit itself can be addressed in such a way that a) you will find yourself turning to more positive and constructive ways of mentally dealing with negative emotions, and b) you will consequently find yourself beginning to lose interest in masturbation other than as what it's meant for - relief from normal sexual fantasies that can't for the time being be fulfilled. The compulsive element would have gone, and the frequency of masturbation would be dictated solely by circumstances such as your level of sex drive and whether or not a partner was available at any given time.

Hypnosis Downloads have created a pc/mp3 download specifically to help overcome onania. By getting yourself relaxed and then absorbing the suggestions from the download the compulsion will, either quickly or gradually, become a thing of the past. In some cases 1 or 2 listening sessions will be sufficient, others may need to use the download once daily or nightly for a longer period. Further details of the download are available here.

Details of the Stop Compulsive Masturbation Hypnosis Download

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