Facts About Orgasm
Problems and Sexual Anxiety

Hypnosis can resolve sexual desire disorder and orgasm problems in general because psychosexual problems are by definition products of the mind, and hypnosis can be used to train your conscious mind to reach and reprogram the deeply rooted negative thought patterns that cause orgasm problems and, through a program of suggestion and visualization, replace them with positive ones.

Some Orgasm Problems

The nature and quality of your habitual conscious thoughts impress themselves onto your subconscious, which then subsequently creates in the reality of your life situations and conditions corresponding to these thoughts. However, not all problems relating to orgasms have a psychological basis.

Physical and medical factors which can cause problems with orgasms in both men and women include certain medications, with side effects of antidepressants such as SSRI's being quoted as affecting as much as 40-50% of users with sexually related problems.

Long term addiction to opiate drugs and over consumption of alcohol are also factors known to be associated with lack of libido and other difficulties. Hormonal imbalances in both male and female, and some purely physical injuries such as severed pelvic nerves in women, have also been identified as causes.

As far as psychological factors contributing to these problems are concerned, many of them could be placed under the general heading of anorgasmia. This is a condition which manifests as an inability to achieve orgasm, even after stimulation and sexual activity with a close partner.

Psychologically based male orgasm difficulties can result from stress, more specifically feelings of depression, low self esteem, ongoing grief and anger. The individual's background and history also play an important part, for instance previous sexual trauma of some sort or having spent formative years in an atmosphere of strict sexual repression.

Psychologically based female problems with orgasm - difficulties achieving orgasm generally affect more women than men, with around 30% of women only occasionally or never reaching orgasm - often relates either to an inability to have an orgasm in specific circumstances or with specific partner(s), or to a more generalized problem, whereby she may never have experienced orgasm at all in any circumstances. The reasons for female orgasmic disorder are in many ways broadly similar to those applying to males.

Successful treatment of psychosexual male and female anorgasmia can involve a combination of therapy and hypnosis/self hypnosis.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation refers to a situation where the male partner experiences rapid ejaculation either before, immediately on or very soon after actual penetration. When this happens consistently or often, then ejaculation problems are definitely present.

PE is almost always psychologically based, and may have been a factor since the beginning of the sexual life or it can manifest later in life. In relationships it often leads to tension and dissatisfaction on the part of both partners, though perhaps more especially the female partner.

Part of the treatment for PE often involves a method known as the stop - start technique whereby the man is sexually stimulated until he's close to ejaculation, at which point the stimulation is stopped for about a minute then resumed. This sequence is continued, with mutual stimulation, until both partners are close to orgasm.

This technique could be used in conjunction - though obviously not at the same time - with self hypnosis, with the psychological nature of the disorder making it receptive to positive change through physical and mental relaxation, suggestion and visualization.

In general, orgasm problems such as anorgasmia and premature ejaculation are able to be treated successfully with hypnosis. Psychosexual orgasm problems are with motivation actually comparitively easy to resolve. These problems become established through a negative mental picture which has built up in the mind, usually over time, and self hypnosis can deconstruct and then gradually replace that negative picture with a positive one.

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