Overcome Compulsive Eating
Using Hypnosis To Lose Weight

Overcome Compulsive Eating

The mental habit that makes it seem hard to overcome compulsive eating is, with motivation, not actually all that hard to change. A compulsive eating disorder becomes apparently locked into the workings of the psyche by a combination of factors including a certain level of physical and mental dependency, periodic enthusiasm for crash diet plans which then become seemingly impossible to stick to - these failures then compounding the individual's false belief that they don't have the "will" to overcome compulsive eating - and a sedentary lifestyle or mental outlook that has a tendency to excessive stress and/or boredom.

The condition of compulsive overeating is apparent in a person who either eats more or less constantly - and that would indicate a life threatening problem which should be addressed immediately - or someone who repeatedly tries and fails to overcome compulsive eating using conventional dieting programs and ends up ultimately gaining more weight.

The latter situation is by far the more common, and one of the main reasons why people fail with this by attempting to use dieting and willpower alone is because they haven't as yet recognised or acknowledged the underlying compulsive nature of their behavior in relation to food and in particular sweet and junk food, and why they feel this compulsion to overeat in the first place.

There are some other factors which contribute to overeating, particularly with reference to the vast and widely available range of foodstuffs that contain refined sugar product in one form or another. Sugar is psychologically habit forming, and sugar addiction can creep up on you in a very insidious way and breaking sugar addiction can seem to be as implacably difficult as breaking an addiction to tobacco can seem to be.

However, please note the previous emphasis on the word "seem". While some of the causes of overeating are neurological - sugar affects pleasure centers in the brain causing a high followed by a corresponding low - the primary cause of the problem is psychological.

Overcome Compulsive Eating

If you're addicted to sugar and compulsive eating, you probably think that permanently breaking the habit and becoming more physically active would be almost impossible because in this situation your imagination is working against you, your thoughts tending to focus on just how hard and difficult the rest of your life would be without the respite derived from reaching for the comfort food anytime you feel that sense of emotional emptiness, loneliness, frustration, stress or whatever.

If your conscious thoughts are constantly focused on using food as a respite and on how difficult or unpleasant it would be to break the habit permanently, your subconscious will ensure that you continue to see and think of yourself as being overweight and enslaved by food. However, if - through self hypnosis - you train your conscious mind to habitually send positive thoughts and images of yourself to your subconscious then your subconscious will eventually manifest these positive images as an actual reality in your life. Your subconscious mind is all powerful, but will work indiscriminately to create whatever reality your conscious mind perceives, whether it be positive or negative.

There is no habit or compulsion, no matter how deeply ingrained, that the power of the mind in concert with the imagination cannot eliminate from your mentality.

In order to begin to overcome compulsive eating you first need to acknowledge that your overeating is a compulsion, or at least a bad habit, and not just something that you "like". If you're significantly overweight ask yourself if your body actually needs the amount of food and calories you're forcing it to consume and deal with. Begin to accept that it's not your body that actually needs or even wants all that food, it's the mental habit that's formed in your mind in relation to food that's telling you that it does.

You Have The Power

Secondly, understand the simple truth that the power that resides within you is capable of changing you and your life in any way that you really want. Understand and accept that the power of the compulsion that makes you overeat and crave sugar highs is insignificant in comparison to the power that is hidden within your subconscious mind, a power that can vanquish from the mind bad habits like overeating as if brushing away a fly.

How do you tap into and use that power? By opening a channel of communication between your conscious and subconscious minds whereby the conscious mind - assuming it really knows what it really wants - in this case to lose weight permanently, repeatedly communicates that desire and image through to the subconscious which then gradually acts to make the desired image into a physical reality. There is of course another way of describing this process i.e. hypnosis self hypnosis.

Relaxation is key to this process. By relaxing deeply your subconscious becomes more receptive to the fixated thought or image of yourself as having overcome compulsive eating and being the slimmer, healthier person you keenly desire to be. Success in dealing with a compulsive eating disorder can be assured, providing that you're serious about wanting to overcome compulsive eating and lose weight, by finding time daily, for 2 or 3 weeks, to relax properly, visualize yourself as being slim and healthy and consistently repeat to yourself a weight loss related affirmation or listen to one of the relevant hypnosis downloads. There won't be any magical overnight change, but if you persist you'll soon start to see and feel results.

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