Overcome OCD And
The Causes Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The thought patterns which perpetuate OCD make it seem difficult to overcome OCD because these thoughts are rooted in the subconscious which is tremendously powerful and will work with equal effectiveness either for you or against you. Broadly speaking obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms are the outcome of a situation whereby the imagination has become trapped in a kind of seemingly never-ending loop, resulting in the individual feeling powerfully compelled to ritually repeat certain actions and to experience certain obsessive thoughts. To overcome OCD and the OCD symptoms that it manifests may appear to the OCD sufferer to be monumentally difficult if not impossible, but be assured that this has been successfully achieved in many, many thousands of cases.

What Is OCD

OCD is an extremely life-limiting condition. The severity of obsessive compulsive disorder can vary in degree, everyone has habits which are for the most part harmless and based on nothing other than a mild sense of comfort derived through maintaining certain actions or rituals, but OCD takes this to a different level altogether. OCD is characterized by feeling a strong compulsion to constantly repeat certain actions or behavior patterns which have developed as a means of coping with or fending off some deeply rooted fear.

Symptoms Of OCD

People with OCD can find themselves compelled to repeatedly and constantly count things or objects around them, or to wash their hands 2 dozen times a day - also symptomatic of germaphobia - or check and recheck at least several times that doors are locked, lights are off, electrics or gas are switched off. Hoarding disorder is in at least some cases another of the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive ordering is also symptomatic of OCD, whereby the individual feels that they have to check and recheck that, for example, clothes have been arranged in a certain exact order in the wardrobe.

Causes Of OCD

The initial signs of OCD often tend to appear in the teens or possibly earlier. It appears that the onset of OCD after the age of 30 is fairly unusual. There's no clear consensus on there being any one particular factor that causes OCD, not least because its different manifestations are fairly numerous, but overall it does seem to boil down to 3 main factors: a) life - especially childhood - experiences, b) psychology, which is of course influenced by early life experiences and c) brain chemistry, which, contrary to the opinion of some members of the scientific and medical communities, appears to be - and is increasingly acknowledged to be - susceptible to the influence of the subconscious. (The brain scans of OCD sufferers who had successfully overcome OCD showed different patterns before and after OCD treatments which had not involved drugs. In other words indications were that the brain chemistry itself had been influenced by the subconscious).

This tends towards the conclusion that the neurological indicators shown on the original brain scans which were associated with OCD were symptomatic of OCD, and not the cause of it. The cause(s) of OCD, therefore, lie largely and possibly entirely within life experiences and the psychology which has been moulded by them.

Fundamentally, OCD and anxiety based disorders in general are caused and sustained by deeply rooted fears which can manifest in myriad ways, with the development of obsessive thoughts about certain things and the obsessive compulsive behavior which is compelled by these thoughts being some of those myriad ways.

How To Overcome OCD

There are several ways to overcome OCD and it's probably best - certainly for someone with a severe OCD - to think in terms of a combination of therapies and/or methods. First of all, if OCD has taken over your life then the first step should be to seek professional advice. However if you're already taking medications such as SSRI's or Prozac, don't suddenly stop taking them, though the overall aim should be to reduce and finally eliminate the dosage altogether.

Talk therapy, aka Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has shown indications of success with OCD. Consider also taking advantage of the benefits of hypnosis in combination with CBT, as after all hypnosis deals with the mind, more specifically the subconscious mind, and OCD is most definitely associated with the subconscious.

It's because of the subconscious nature and origin of the thoughts that lead to compulsive behavior(s) that you can't seem to resist or stop them, even though you know how irrational they are.

Hypnosis can help to gradually overcome OCD because it can be used to reprogram the thought patterns which sustain OCD in such a way that your mind will learn to relax and diminish the significance of the issue or trigger which previously stimulated the fear response which in turn led to the obsessive and compulsive thoughts and actions. Hypnosis Downloads have produced a pc/mp3 download, developed by expert hypnotherapists and psychologists, with precisely this aim in mind. You CAN overcome OCD by harnessing - through hypnosis - the power of your mind. Details of the download are available here.

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