How Overcoming Insecurity
Using Hypnosis Works

By replacing a negative self image with a positive one overcoming insecurity will happen by default. This is because emotions such as for example a fear of abandonment or other signs of insecurity are linked to deep seated feelings of low self esteem, a feeling at the back of the mind that you somehow don't come up to the mark in comparison with others. These feelings are sometimes referred to as core beliefs, and the process of overcoming insecurity by changing these negative core beliefs in a positive way can be successfully achieved through hypnosis/self hypnosis.

These "feelings" themselves are not the cause of the problem but the negative self image, or core belief, on which they are based, is. This sense of insecurity and poor self esteem is perpetuated by way of the conscious mind being habitually preoccupied with these negative thoughts. These thoughts are then impressed on the subconscious which will then work tirelessly to create in the reality of your life the conditions and circumstances corresponding to them.

It's perfectly true to say that these generalized thoughts of low self esteem and insecurity are imaginary. There is, after all, no pre ordained law of nature that says that one particular individual must be in some way "less" than everyone else.

The imagination could be thought of as being like a wagon being led by several strong and fast horses. If you have an element of control over it, it will take you to where you want to go. Equally, if you allow it to become preoccupied with and dwell on negative thoughts about yourself then the "place" to which it will quickly take you will be a negative one. In other words you become burdened with ongoing feelings of inferiority and insecurity which will hold you back from and deny you the life that you want and deserve.

This process may have been going on since childhood, but it's never too late to change the "direction" of your thinking about yourself from negative to positive and to begin overcoming insecurity and start to live a full and purposeful life as a relaxed and centered person, comfortable in your own skin and free of the imaginary phantoms - negative core beliefs - which previously ruled your life.

Overcoming Insecurity

Core beliefs are based on negative thought patterns, which themselves are derived from experiences, often but not always in childhood, which have made some significant impression on the individual concerned. At that point the imagination became closely involved and these thought patterns, to some extent at least, took on a life of their own.

Some people go through their whole lives feeling inferior and worried about everything, simply because they've never learned or been made aware of the fact that the subconscious thought patterns which govern literally every move they make can - through deep relaxation and self hypnosis - be changed in a way that would dramatically change their lives for the better.

By learning to train your conscious mind to consistently send positive thoughts about yourself to your subconscious, you'll find a whole new positive self image starting to emerge into your mind and life. Your subconscious mind is all powerful and capable of executing any change in your life or personality that you wish it to.

This is done through the power of suggestion or autosuggestion. By using affirmations, or autosuggestion, on a daily basis for several weeks or months and in the right conditions of privacy, comfort and deep relaxation while simultaneously visualizing yourself as the version of yourself that you want to be, you will feel yourself overcoming insecurity and will become that desired version of yourself.

First of all, invoke in your mind an image of yourself as you want to be, relaxed and assured, free of feelings of insecurity and anxiety, then, when you've got yourself physically and mentally relaxed, whisper one of the following affirmations to yourself, slowly and deliberately, about 20 - 30 times.

I'm calm, relaxed, and at peace with myself

I'm confident, assured and relaxed

Soon you will begin to notice a significant and positive change in the way you feel about yourself and your life in general.

Alternatively, using the power of suggestion is generally agreed to be an easier and quicker way of getting results, though you can of course combine the use of all three techniques, affirmations, visualization and suggestion. By listening to a relaxation or confidence themed hypnosis download you'll get results more easily because you can let yourself go completely, perhaps as you're going to sleep at night - when the subconscious is as much as if not more receptive - without having to maintain the repetition of the affirmation.

Insecurity in Relationships

With regard to overcoming insecurity we've looked so far at the more generalized form of the condition, where someone's anxiety or sense of insecurity affects their whole life and personality. There are more specific situations such as being in a relationship and having a fear of intimacy or not knowing how to deal with jealousy, for example. The question then has to be asked about whether the problem lies in the relationship itself, or in negative core beliefs being held by the person who has the problem with overcoming insecurity in the relationship in the first place. If the answer appears to be the former, then the solution is self evident, if it's the latter, and if you feel that this may relate to your situation, then you may wish to consider hypnosis as an effective means of releasing yourself from emotional insecurity which can cause problems in relationships.

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