"Overcoming Social Phobia
With Social Phobia Hypnosis"

A relaxed and positive attitude to socializing as a result of overcoming social phobia with hypnosis has been the outcome experienced by thousands of people whose lives were previously blighted by social phobias. Any method of overcoming this phobia is only as good as its ability to alter the negative thought patterns which the fear or phobia is based on, and in this respect hypnosis/self hypnosis as a treatment for social phobia is ideal and effective.

What Is Social Phobia

Social or "people" phobia is usually rooted in self esteem issues, whereby the individual feels an "instinctive" expectation of being negatively appraised by those around him or her. The social phobic always feels that they're being - or will be - judged by other people, and will be found to be in some way or other inadequate.

As the phobia and fear of socializing grows, more and more social situations become off limits. The prospect of parties, nights out, even just meeting acquaintances, can bring on an anguished sense of negative anticipation and worry about how you're going to be "seen".

The effect of this intense level of self consciousness extends into other areas of life as well, where work related interaction with colleagues, clients etc becomes the most difficult and trying aspect of your working life, with all the consequent negative impact this would have on your ability to get on in life.

Social phobia is of course entirely psychologically based, but in some cases the psychology of it produces physical reactions such as heart palpitations, sweating, feelings of nausea and trembling. In some instances - left untreated - it can lead to clinical depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and total social isolation.

Overcoming Social Phobia

The phobia or fear of socializing is created and sustained in and by the mind but can also be equally effectively overcome and eliminated in and by the mind.

This can be and has been successfully achieved in thousands of cases through the use of hypnosis. Overcoming this phobia through hypnosis/self hypnosis works by helping you into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, whereby the subconscious becomes open to and accepting of the positive and confidence building suggestions filtering through to it, at which point the subconscious begins to act to create the attitude and personality "change" envisaged by the suggestions. Hypnosis Downloads have created and recorded an excellent audio hypnosis session specifically aimed at dealing with and eliminating social phobia, details of which are available here. In the more severe cases consistent daily and/or nightly listening sessions for 2 or 3 months may be necessary.

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I must admit that the help I've had with my stress problem through using the relaxation hypnosis download has been amazing. I knew within a few days of starting with it that I'd at last found the solution. My life is so much better now. Thanks so much".
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