How To Use Personal
Affirmations To Attract Love

By using mental imagery and the power of autosuggestion personal affirmations can become the means by which you unlock the latent power of your subconscious, ultimately enabling you to attract the man or woman of your dreams. This can be said not because some strange magic is at work, but because the knowledge of how to attract a woman or alternatively how to attract a man already exists within your subconscious, and the use of personal affirmations and self hypnosis has been recognised as an effective method of bringing latent knowledge and abilities into your conscious life.

Here's a real life example. Some years ago I had met a woman who at that time was in many ways my ideal. We genuinely had something of a bond together, but she had recently extricated herself from an unhappy and abusive relationship, and had her doubts about making an emotional commitment at that point.

Our relationship was further complicated when I ended up working in a ski resort while she remained in the city about 150-200 miles south.

During our enforced separations over the next few weeks, I came to realise just how much I needed, wanted and yes loved her. I was, in fact, pining for her. At that time, while I had some interest in parapsychology and some related matters, I actually knew more or less nothing about the true power of hypnosis, personal affirmations and the subconscious mind.

Also at that time there were as yet no cellphones or email to speak of, and she didn't have a telephone at home, so we could only communicate by letter which never seemed to be enough.

Eventually, over a period of a few days, I found myself developing the habit of imagining that she was actually there with me, and these "imaginings", coupled with the strong and deep desire that I had for her, became quite intense.

It was as if I could actually see her standing before me, as if I could feel her long dark hair as I reached out to touch it, as if I could smell the scent of the perfume she sometimes wore, as if I could feel the touch of her lips as we kissed.

I knew that I was going to have to do something, but all that I could immediately think of was to mentally repeat to myself, again and again, the words : "she is coming to me" simultaneously with this mental vision in my mind of her standing before me right there where I was.

The next morning, I felt that enough was enough, and that I had to go and see her to try to work something out. I made an excuse for time off work, and dashed back to the city to see her. When I got to her apartment, her flatmate told me that that very morning my girlfriend had left to get a train to the ski resort, having spent the last few days undecided about whether to go up there to stay with me or not, but that, quote "something" unquote, last night had finally convinced her to go.

When I got back that night to my hotel at the ski resort - there she was - standing before me right in the room where I had, without really knowing it, been using visualization and powerful positive affirmations in some kind of hope of bringing us together, right there in that room.

I've no doubt that many people with limited awareness of the power of the mind would instantly dismiss all this as coincidence, but what a coincidence. She was wearing almost exactly the same clothes as I'd visualized her in, in that room, and the first thing I did, without thinking about it, was to reach out and touch her hair and then kiss her.

She also later told me that it had only been over the previous few days that she'd felt herself gradually coming to a decision to go to the ski resort, and that it was only on the night before, at the height of my "imaginings" and "affirmings", that she had finally made up her mind to go.

I was just so glad to see her that I made no conscious connection about it and didn't even mention it to her, in fact forgot all about it till much later when I had begun to study self hypnosis and the power of personal affirmations and visualization.

I'm convinced - and I'm not a credulous person - that a connection between my intense desire to see her, my inadvertent use of the power of imagination and personal affirmations to influence the all powerful subconscious, and of her ultimate and actual presence there before me, exists.

If I had simply sat around yearning for her, probably nothing much would have happened, but I somehow unwittingly bypassed that and went straight to the heart of subconscious mind power, which has abilities and wisdom as yet incomprehensible to Science or Man, and made what I so intensely wanted to happen happen.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

If your desire for something is strong, and if you're prepared to be diligent and consistent, then the use of self hypnosis and personal affirmations will show you the way to realization of your goal. By using love affirmations under the right conditions of mental and physical relaxation, you will ultimately find yourself with the partner of your dreams. You may stumble here and there along the way, and you may have to kiss a few frogs first, but under the subtle guidance of your subconscious mind you'll get there.

That guidance from the subconscious can be accessed through hypnosis. In many cases people find that absorbing suggestions from a hypnosis download on a pc or mp3 brings results more quickly and easily than by repeating affirmations, but nevertheless daily affirmations can and do eventually work.

Making Personal Affirmations Work

First, prepare to set aside around 15 minutes every day or evening, for the next 2-6 weeks, when you can be alone and in quiet, comfortable surroundings. Then, when you're lying down - a bed is preferable but a large sofa or armchair would do - fix your eyes on some point above you, and gradually and slowly let them close.

Then begin to regulate your breathing, so that it's even and fairly deep, then gradually allow your muscles, from the feet upwards, to begin to relax and go limp. Feel those muscles relaxing while you're breathing, then fill your mind with some image that you associate with calm and tranquillity.

After a few minutes of this - with practice you'll get a sensation of floating - allow your mind to settle its focus on your heart's desire, in this case finding love with the perfect partner. Begin to whisper to yourself, word for word and slowly and deliberately, the following affirmation (or alternatively create your own) :

I grow closer to my lover and soulmate

While you're doing this, visualize in your mind an image of you with the person you wish to attract, or you with an image of broadly what you think your ideal partner would look like.

While maintaining your physical and mental relaxation and the visualization, repeat the affirmation - your love mantra - slowly and deliberately and word for word, around 20-30 times.

After a while, stop whispering the affirmation but maintain your deep relaxation and visualization, and, after a pause begin to mentally repeat it a further 10-15 times.

After that, let it tail off and just let it fade away altogether, and gradually allow yourself to float back to normal consciousness.

If you go about this correctly and keep it up daily for a few weeks, then sooner or later something highly positive and significant is going to happen in your love life.

If you have a less specific aim, and simply want to use personal affirmations to enhance your sexual confidence and self esteem, another positive affirmation reads as follows : I'm confident and attractive to other people and whereby you would be visualizing yourself as a popular and attractive person.


The use of personal affirmations can be thought of as a kind of subliminal self help, where you are gradually impressing on your all powerful subconscious the strength of your desire for something or someone. If you go about it consistently and correctly, personal affirmations can be very powerful affirmations because with self hypnosis your subconscious is not only capable but also willing to grant you that desire.

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