How Phobia Hypnosis Works
To Overcome Phobia Disorder

Removing fears that are the cause of phobias has been achieved with phobia hypnosis successfully many, many times. Every specific phobia, even the most seemingly strange phobias, all have something in common in that they're all based on some fearful event or incident buried deep within the memory. Through phobia hypnosis the real fear which lies behind the fear of spiders, snakes, heights or whatever can be effectively neutralized and removed from your mind and life.

What Is Phobia

Most phobia sufferers are aware that the deep anxiety and other symptoms of phobias which they experience when faced with the situation or thing which is at the root of their phobia have no rational basis, but nevertheless feel themselves powerless to deal with these highly stressful reactions.

This is largely because having a fear of something and having a phobia about something are two different things. Everyone is afraid of something and this fear is bound up with our inbuilt survival mechanism, the fight or flight response. The feeling of being unwilling to stand at the very edge of the roof of a tall building comes from your survival instinct, but having a generalised fear of any level of heights is more indicative of a phobic reaction, whereby an overall sense of fear, anxiety or panic has become linked with any situation involving heights, even when - on a rational basis - it's clear that there's no real danger.

So on one level the person with the phobia knows that they're not actually in danger but still becomes overwhelmed by stress and feelings of panic when they find themselves in a situation "close up" to the source of their phobia, be it heights, spiders, public speaking or whatever.

What Causes Phobias

Many common phobias have their roots in the early years. Sometimes young children who at some point experience a situation which causes them genuine fear almost automatically repress or mentally push away this fear from its true source, leaving a sort of mental vacuum.

The fear, however, has not simply disappeared. It's still there and the mind has an instinctive need to hang it onto something, to fill the vacuum as it were, so the fear becomes symbolically associated with whatever thing or situation the mind finds which on some subconscious level seems to have some pre existing association with that sensation of fear, i.e. certain social situations, outside spaces, spiders, blood, needles and so on.

Over time, the phobia grows as the imagination begins to magnify and intensify the feelings and mental imagery which now inspire the fear and which is now "locked" onto the specific thing or situation associated with the original fear and anxiety.

Phobias can also develop later in life, perhaps as a result of witnessing or being involved in some particularly unpleasant or distressing situation, whereby the fear or distress associated with that situation has not been "absorbed" or "processed" adequately by the psyche, and has remained "active" in the subconscious. This then comes into conscious awareness whenever the person is confronted by a situation or thing which he/she associates with the original incident.

Phobia Hypnosis As Phobia Therapy

When a phobia sufferer is confonted by a spider, an elevator, a needle or whatever, the deep rooted memory of the original intense fear and distress which became strongly associated with the spider, the elevator or the needle flashes into conscious awareness and the various phobia symptoms come to the fore - accelerated heartbeat, sweating, anxiety, fear, panic - and the person feels overwhelmed by the urge to get as far away as possible from the source of the fear.

Just being asked to or expected to continually "face down" this intense fear as a means of hopefully absolving it doesn't, in many cases, actually get to the core of the problem.

Phobia hypnosis is widely recognised as a safe, effective and trauma free way of getting to and dealing with the core of a phobia problem, by using - while mentally and physically relaxed - deep reaching positive suggestions and visualization to "reprogram" the negative thought patterns and mental associations ultimately and originally responsible for the phobia itself.

Visualization, whereby the phobic person visualizes and feels him or her self remaining calm and unconcerned while encountering a situation which would otherwise produce a phobic reaction, can, if practiced for say 5-10 minutes twice a day, definitely help to eventually overcome the phobia.

Along with this the use of a relevant phobia hypnosis download - best absorbed at night as you're going to sleep - will also soon begin to have a positive effect on the thought patterns and mental associations at the root of the phobia.

The ability to overcome the tyranny of a phobia exists within your mind, and hypnosis/self hypnosis is the means through which that ability can be accessed.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads For Phobia Relief

10 Most Common Phobias

Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Dental Phobia, Public Speaking Fear, Spider Phobia, Needle Phobia, Driving Phobia, Snake Phobia.

Treatment For Agoraphobia

Relief and freedom from agoraphobia can be brought about through hypnosis due to its effectiveness in addressing the root causes of the phobia.

Claustrophobia Hypnosis

Why phobia hypnosis has been shown to work successfully as a treatment for claustrophobia, its symptoms and its causes.

Overcome Fear Of Flying

The phobia about flying, which it's estimated that around 10% of the population are living with to one degree or another, can, especially nowadays, have a serious effect on life quality. Get ready for take off to a flying fear free future through hypnosis.

Fear Of Heights Hypnosis

Like the many thousands of others who have already done so, you can beat heights fear by using phobia hypnosis to neutralize the negative mental associations that you hold about height situations, and go on to take heights in your stride.

Dentist Phobia

An irrationally strong fear of going to the dentist can lead to a host of oral and tooth related problems, ultimately even leading to damaged self confidence and social isolation. Find out how phobia hypnosis can help you overcome dental fears and phobias.

Public Speaking Fears

So many opportunities for self advancement have been lost by so many people because of fears and phobias about public speaking. Even if you had no other skills, successful public speaking, in and of itself, has the potential to open so many doors. Find out how hypnosis can help to open these doors for you.

Spider Phobias

Being afraid of spiders is one of the most common phobias, but also one of the most life-hampering and difficult to live with owing to the commonality of spiders. By using hypnosis you can start to free yourself from this burden today.

Needle Phobia

Fears around needles can not only affect the quality of your life but can also present a potentially serious problem in medical situations. Learn how to get rid of this irrational fear now.

Driving Phobias

Just think what a difference it would make to your life if you could drive safely and confidently and without any of the irrational fears about driving that currently hold you back from getting around in the way that you'd like to. Find out today how hypnosis can remove unnecessary anxieties about driving.

Fear of Snakes

Snake phobia, particularly if you live in a rural area in some parts of the world, can grow to become seriously detrimental to your overall quality of life. With hypnosis there's no need to have to live with it any longer.

Here's more about other fears and phobias which I thought may also be of benefit...

Overcoming Social Phobia

Commitment Phobia

Abandonment Issues




Panic Attacks

Fear Of Violence

Fear Of Success

Fear of Crowds

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Dog Phobia


There are various different types of phobias but as mentioned previously the psychological mechanism which creates and sustains them works in a broadly similar way for everyone. Phobia hypnosis - as one of the most effective phobia treatments - acknowledges this, in that it's understood that any cure for a phobia must address and deal with the actual root of the phobia, the real cause of the phobia lying behind the fear of snakes, flying, heights or whatever. Phobia hypnosis - either through hypnotherapy/NLP or visualization and hypnosis mp3 downloads - with its focus on addressing and overcoming deep rooted negative beliefs and fears, is ideally placed to make these irrational but powerful fears an increasingly harmless and distant memory.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads For Phobia Relief

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