Using Positive Thinking
Hypnosis to Boost Self Esteem

Positive Thinking Hypnosis

The benefits of positive thinking when enhanced by positive thinking hypnosis can be truly remarkable. There's no doubt that having a positive attitude tips the balance in your favour in all areas of life. Motivational thoughts stemming from a positively attuned subconscious mind, perhaps supplemented by the use of positive affirmations, can and do bring a sense of being equal to just about anything that life can throw at you.

Positive Thinking Hypnosis

You'll almost certainly at one time or other have heard words to the effect that thinking positively is wishful thinking and delusional. A negative attitude is sometimes mistaken for realism, however there's nothing unrealistic or delusional about having a positive outlook. On the contrary it's a simple fact of life that if you train yourself to think positively, you'll start to get more positive outcomes in your day to day life.

Nevertheless, let's imagine you've just had one of the worst days of your life. Your partner ended your relationship this morning, you went to work and got fired and you returned home to find your house on fire. How can you be positive in that situation? The bottom line is that there is no way you can avoid life's periodic challenges no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, financial or otherwise. What counts, what makes the difference, is how you react to and deal with these situations. However, as mentioned before, if - through self hypnosis - you develop a firmly entrenched positive mental attitude you'll encounter much less in the way of difficulties and "bad luck" in your life.

Some people seem to have a deeply entrenched negative attitude which dominates their thinking and disposition. They've given up on the notion that they have any control over how life impacts on them, and spend their days waiting for the next disaster. They've lost sight of the reality which is that they actually do have control over how they react to difficulties, and consequently the likely outcome to the difficult situation itself.

Hypnosis and Self Esteem

The means by which positive thinking hypnosis works for you is basically by reprogramming your subconscious mind to react to problems in a positive way so that after a while, irrespective of the situation, you always see the glass as half full instead of half empty. The glass, in reality, can be either half full or half empty, whichever reality you see depends on your immediate conscious reaction to it when you first see it.

This reaction is what colors your disposition and general outlook on life, and in fact determines the probable result of all of your endeavours, even your share of "luck".

You have within you the ability - through positive thinking hypnosis and the power of the mind - to make this change in your life happen.

Using Your Imagination

The whole issue of self esteem, or lack of it, is closely entwined with positive thinking hypnosis. While not difficult, the integration of this practice into your life involves understanding several things. First, if it is the case that you suffer from low self esteem, you must first accept and acknowledge it, then spend some time thinking back to what, broadly speaking, is the probable cause. This may make you start to feel angry or sad, however you must not attempt to mentally run away from this emotion, instead accept and absorb it, realise and understand that it's part of you.

Second, decide what it is about you and/or your life that you want to change. What is it that you most strongly desire to change about your inner self? Let's say that, for example, you feel that you lack confidence in social situations, often feeling self conscious and unable to assert yourself. Once you have established in your mind what it is exactly that you want to achieve then the process of positive thinking hypnosis can begin, in fact it already has.

Thirdly, your imagination is one of your greatest assets. Imagination - aka creative visualization - could be described as a sort of bridge between your keenly felt conscious desire for something, and your subconscious mind which has the power and the wisdom to make it happen.

As a prelude to using positive thinking hypnosis for your benefit, be prepared to set aside about 15-20 minutes, on a daily basis, quietly and in private, for time to comfortably lie or sit down, close your eyes, breathe regularly and induce in yourself a state of fairly deep physical and mental relaxation, allowing the clamour and jangle of your thoughts to dissipate.

After a few minutes of this start to evoke within your mind - imagine and feel - an image of yourself as you wish yourself to be, in this case a confident, assured person, an accomplished conversationalist with a wide circle of acquaintances, friends and admirers. Focus your mind on this image of yourself then begin to slowly whisper to yourself the following affirmation:

I'm relaxed and confident and I attract success

Continue to maintain your mental focus on the image while repeating the affirmation, slowly and clearly, about twenty times, though there is of course no need to count the number.

By using daily affirmations in this way persistently for say a couple of weeks, you'll at the very least begin to lay the groundwork for a total transformation of your perception of yourself. Listening to themed self hypnosis downloads is also a highly effective way - many would say the easier way - of communicating your heartfelt desire to your all powerful subconscious mind.

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