Public Speaking Fears &
Public Speaking Phobia

That the power of the subconscious mind can overcome public speaking fears by means of self hypnosis has been demonstrated in numerous cases. It's this subconscious mind power that people who have never had any reason to fear public speaking use all the time, whether they're aware of it or not. It is however still the case that public speaking ranks highly on the list of situations which many people would prefer to avoid, so much so that attempting to draw the line between simple fear of speaking in public and phobias about public speaking becomes quite a fruitless exercise.

No doubt it's worse for some people than it is for others, but the bottom line, the unifying factor that lies behind all levels of public speaking fear is simply self consciousness and a fear of failure.

Public Speaking Anxiety

Imagine that somehow or other you've ended up agreeing to give a speech about something to a public audience. You're conscious of the doubts that you have in your mind about your ability to carry this off successfully, but have laboured to convince yourself that somehow - as long as it's still a "future" event - it's going to be ok.

You've prepared, and now the time has come. Quite suddenly, your imagination begins to work against you and begins to conjure up images in your mind of yourself stumbling over words, phrases and sentences. Then, with all eyes and ears on you, your negative preoccupation causes you to actually forget whole paragraphs of the speech you so diligently prepared, memorized and practiced for.

You find yourself desperately casting around in your mind for the words that will strike the right note, even just make sense. Your heart is now racing and you become painfully aware that you've begun to perspire heavily and you're convinced that it's blatantly and transparently obvious to everyone in the room.

You then experience an insane urge to panic and flee the room, but of course that's out of the question so finally you take refuge in lowering your voice, mumbling even, and now it feels that your heart's crowning desire is to just quickly and quietly sink through the floor and disappear for ever.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fears

It doesn't have to be like that. On the contrary your subconscious - which is merely creating the conditions suggested to it by the nature of your negative conscious thoughts about public speaking - can be "reprogrammed" by using hypnosis to train your conscious mind to consistently send positive thoughts about public speaking to your subconscious, which will then in turn ensure that you will consciously relish any public speaking opportunity that comes your way, confidently and effortlessly carrying your audience along with you to wherever you want to take them.

Public Speaking Hypnosis

Hypnosis Downloads have created an excellent download/mp3 which, through the power of relaxation, visualization and positive suggestion, goes to the core of the problem relating to fears around public speaking, addressing and neutralizing the negative thought patterns which create the feelings of self doubt and anticipation of failure. Created and recorded specifically to address public speaking fears this download can, however, also help to boost self confidence generally. After all, once you can carry an audience of 150 strangers in the palm of your hand, what else could you do?

Details Of Hypnosis Downloads For Public Speaking

Details Of The Power Speaking Hypnosis Download

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