Quantum Physics And Mind Power

The correspondences between ancient wisdom and quantum physics and mind power exist. Einstein said "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Discoveries in quantum physics have revealed the connection between the power of the mind - thought energy - and how and why what happens to you actually happens. Everything in the Universe is connected and it is through these connections that your thoughts, your beliefs, expectations and preconceptions cause the reality of your life to unfold in the way that it does. By gaining a basic understanding of quantum physics and mind power you can learn how the nature and quality of your thoughts affects everything about you and your life. 

For quite a long time now people have thought about and looked for a kind of confluence between Science and what we can loosely term as "Spirituality." Well it turns out that not only are they not mutually exclusive, they are - at the most advanced level - one and the same thing. That confluence appears at the juncture of quantum physics and mind power.

Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics, broadly speaking, involves the study of life itself, of how things exist and come into existence at the subatomic level. Quantum physics is generally perceived as being horrendously complicated and arcane but the how and why of how it relates to your mind and your life isn't actually particularly difficult to understand. The significant point about it is that the Universal "energy" revealed by quantum physics has a direct effect on you and every aspect of your life. 

It's not that quantum physicists have it all wrapped up, there is still a lot of ground to be covered - and of course there always will be - but they have discovered that the power of your thoughts is exponentially greater than had ever been realised before. And incidentally, the revelations brought forward by quantum physics tie in neatly with what sages, mystics and the great religious teachers have been saying for millennia.

Traditional Newtonian physics explains the world as being made up of atoms and molecules. Quantum physics goes beyond this and breaks molecules down further into subatomic particles. These, in turn, have been analysed further and found to consist of even smaller subatomic particles that are contained within even smaller subatomic particles. Much more is still to be learned about all of this but this point is about as far as you need to go to begin to grasp an understanding of how quantum physics and mind power ties in with you and your ability to make positive and dramatic changes in your life.

Newtonian physics held that atoms were of a solid, physical nature. Einstein's 1925 discovery of E=MC2 changed that. He had discovered that atoms could be broken down and that the subatomic particles which made up the atoms consisted of pure energy, not "matter" as such. Here is a kind of breakdown of E=MC2: Cosmos - Universe - Galaxy - Earth - Individual humans/animals etc - Cells - Molecules - Atoms - Subatomic particles = Energy.

This shows the connection between the infinitely large to the infinitely tiny, but more importantly showed that everything, when taken down to its most basic form, is made of the same thing - Energy.


Not all physicists of the day accepted Einstein's theory entirely, though they knew that he was definitely on to something. Einstein had believed that energy was made of particles, another physicist called Thomas Young held that energy was not particles but existed as a "wave form." So who was right? It turns out that they both were!

Yet another physicist named Niels Bohr announced that - without going into too much complicated scientific detail - energy could be both particles and waves. At that time he wasn't able to prove it, but they'd all agreed that everything in the cosmos, everything that exists, was made up of energy. But was it particles, waves, both or what?

Einstein was sure that energy was particles, Young was sure that it was waves. The Copenhagen Interpretation revealed that, as Bohr had suspected, energy was not just particles but that it existed as particles and waves, but couldn't be both at once. Mind-boggling perhaps, but it soon starts to come together.

The most important - and utterly astonishing - thing revealed by the Copenhagen Interpretation was that energy showed as being in wave form but when scientists and physicists focused attention on it the waves collapsed and particles formed!

What that means for you is that the thoughts and preconceptions of the observers themselves determined whether or not it was particles or waves. In other words, it had been discovered that at this infinitesimally small level energy would appear as either waves or particles depending on which the scientist observing had expected to see. 

Incredibly, their thoughts, beliefs and expectations influenced what they actually saw. This isn't hocus pocus, it's established scientific fact relating to quantum physics and mind power. If a scientist had "expected" to see waves, waves were seen - in reality. If a scientist had "believed" that he'd see particles, particles appeared - in reality. In the same way that you can only have a positive or negative thought about something, they could only see either waves or particles, but not both at the same time.

The inescapable conclusion is that these subatomic particles/waves (energy) responded and behaved in ways precisely aligned with the thoughts and beliefs of the scientists and physicists studying them.


To put this as succinctly as possible, quantum physics had discovered that all things, everything that exists in the Universe - including non-sentient things like rocks, trees etc - exist ultimately as energy and form part of the dynamic, vibrating web of infinite energy that is the Universe. The Copenhagen Interpretation then revealed that consciousness - thought energy - could influence what happens in the Universe. When studying the ultimate basis of all things and all life - energy - scientists and observers saw it in either wave or particle form - in alignment with what their individual beliefs and expectations had prepared them to see. 

In other words, you are what you think you are and you think what you are. The quality of your life, your success or failure in all of your endeavours, depends on how you think. Not chance, good luck or bad luck or whatever, but on you

Quantum physicists also discovered that energy "communicates" and transcends space and time. It was found that when subatomic particles are split in the laboratory they communicate with each other simultaneously, regardless of distance or time. This spelt the end for Newtonian physics which had postulated that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The energy that forms the basis of all things in the Universe doesn't have to travel because it's all already interconnected with all energy simultaneously, transcending space and time. 

This, and the following experiment, fills in another piece of the puzzle regarding how individual thought energy can cause actual change in the Universe. This was proved when a scientist took a DNA sample from an individual and then, using various screen imagery, altered and controlled his emotions in accordance with the either positive or negative imagery shown. It was found that the DNA, when examined in a specific way, reacted in accordance with the positive or negative emotions being experienced by the subject.  

This same experiment was later carried out - using another subject - except that this time subject and DNA were about 1,000 miles apart. The results were the same. The DNA reacted in the same way and regardless of space and time. This goes some way towards explaining synchronicity and other odd "coincidences."

To summarize, quantum physics has revealed - scientifically - that your thoughts and beliefs concerning yourself and everything else will determine what you "see" and "feel" around you. When a particular thought - vibration - emanates from your mind and out into the infinite, dynamic and vibrating web of energy that is the Universe, it corresponds with energy of a similar positive or negative nature and forms what you will, sooner or later, experience personally. 

If you habitually think success, success will surely come to you, one way or another. Likewise for failure.

You are the ultimate designer of your own life, regardless of how small, insignificant and powerless you may sometimes feel. In accordance with the discoveries of quantum physics and mind power, you have the ability within you, within your own mind, to train and direct your thought energy on to positive paths - concerning any aspect of your life, health, relationships, confidence, finance - and cause the change you want to happen to actually happen.

"By faith alone ye shall move mountains" is a 2,000 year old way of describing quantum physics and mind power, though perhaps for today we'd replace "faith" with "concentrated and directed thought energy." The true power of the mind has always been and still is significantly underestimated. For more about using mind power have a look at the mind power exercises page.

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