Using Quick Relaxation
Techniques For Self Hypnosis

Learning quick relaxation techniques is the first step towards accessing the power of your mind. Of course there doesn't have to be anything quick about relaxation, it's just that the contemporary emphasis on relaxation techniques for stress management always seems to be based on the assumption that everyone's always in a hurry. So the point is that if it's necessary to do so, you can develop the ability to relax quickly and effectively in preparation for using self hypnosis to deal with problems or improve your life.

Quick Relaxation Techniques

The first consideration should be to set aside in advance a period of time, once or twice a day, to undertake your session(s). If you're doing it once a day prepare to set aside around 20-30 minutes. If twice - say perhaps in the morning and evening - allow about 10-15 minutes each time. It's probably better if you stick to roughly the same time slot(s), but this isn't particularly important

In order for this to be effective you need to have privacy and quiet somewhere where you won't be disturbed, and which has a reasonably calm and peaceful ambience with a moderate temperature. It's obviously better to be at home if possible. Then decide if you're going to use a bed to lie on or a comfortable armchair. Some people prefer one or the other, with some saying that going into a state of deep relaxation on a bed sometimes causes them to fall asleep. Different strokes for different folks as they say, just select whichever option you're more naturally comfortable with.

When you've been lying or sitting down comfortably for a minute or so, just close your eyes and begin to feel your consciousness turning inward, then start to focus on your breathing. Controlled breathing is an important factor in using quick relaxation techniques. Start to inhale fairly slowly and deeply, then exhale in the same way.

While maintaining your breathing in this way, begin to imagine - feel - your feet and ankles as being limp and relaxed. Then feel the sensation of looseness begin to move up your calves and lower legs and then to the thighs. At some point you may find yourself being distracted by thoughts about this or that or the other, just gently but firmly dismiss them from your mind and refocus. With practice it becomes much easier to maintain focus.

Then allow the feeling of limpness to move on up to the middle and abdomen area, all the while maintaining the slow and fairly deep inhalation and exhalation of breath. Then feel your fingers, hands and wrists becoming limp and loose, then the chest, back, arms and shoulders.

Now begin to focus on the neck and face. Many people hold residual tension in the neck area, so if you're lying down make sure that your head is at a comfortable angle on the pillow. Then again - feel - the muscles of your neck and face loosening and relaxing, slowly breathing in, breathing out...

This process of physical - and naturally coming with it mental - relaxation should take about 5 or so minutes. If only one daily session is preferable or practical spend a few more minutes on it. Either way, with practice quick relaxation techniques become easier and more effective. When you've got yourself fully relaxed, you're ready to move onto the creative visualization phase.

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