Hypnosis For Quitting Marijuana
And Cannabis Dependence

Quitting Marijuana

Information about marijuana addiction and quitting marijuana along with other categories of drug addiction information has not always been as objective as you might have hoped. Nevertheless, if a regular and long term smoker has started to think about how to quit smoking pot then the important thing that person needs to know is that with self hypnosis quitting marijuana needn't be nearly as difficult as they might have first thought it would be.

First of all though let's take a look at what has become a burning question around this issue.

Is Marijuana Addictive

There is no evidence that marijuana or hashish creates physical dependency, but there are now many reports of long term frequent users who try to stop but then find that they can't, or at least think that they can't. This is due to what has become a deeply ingrained psychological dependency, an habituated pattern of thought and behavior relating to marijuana that the conscious mind on its own finds difficult to break.

So then it would appear that for some people some form of addiction to marijuana is a reality, though you need to bear in mind that some people can become compulsive users of just about anything, cars, food, alcohol, sex, extreme sports, computer games and so on.

Most marijuana users use it either rarely or recreationally, and many eventually give it up altogether. The Netherlands, which has a policy of legalized possession for personal use, has some of the lowest levels of cannabis use - among the native Dutch population - in the world. Several US states have also legalized marijuana. So while there's no doubt that some people become psychologically dependent on marijuana/cannabis, on the other hand it's simply not comparable to highly addictive drugs like crystal meth or crack cocaine.

Overall then, there is no straightforward yes or no answer that fits everyone. Some people, probably most, can take it or leave it and would have no trouble with quitting weed while others become dependent on it in such a way that it becomes a central issue of their lives, an everyday crutch that they feel they need for good times and bad and which influences how and where they spend their time and money and who they associate with.

Marijuana Facts

In the early 1980's the Reagan administration's zero tolerance policy on drugs involved a crackdown on imports of marijuana into the US which led to a sharp increase in domestic cultivation, which ultimately led to the introduction of skunk, a hybrid form of the plant which significantly increased the potency of the previous effects of marijuana by anywhere between 50 and 100%.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary agent of marijuana/cannabis which gives the effect of the high. The higher the THC content, the stronger the effect. Skunk plants are specifically bred for this purpose, and high tolerance levels develop very quickly.

Marijuana/cannabis smoke does contain potentially carcinogenic elements, and the practice of mixing it with tobacco doubles the risk of lung and other cancers. This also highlights a sort of cross addiction factor, whereby cannabis smokers find it more difficult to quit tobacco than non cannabis smokers. This may account for the increasing popularity of water pipes whereby no tobacco is used and some of the tars in the cannabis smoke are blocked but the THC is not.

Hypnosis and Quitting Marijuana

The way to quit smoking weed, or any habit that has become undesirable, is to reach and reprogram your subconscious in such a way that the deeply rooted impulses which encourage you to think and feel that you need or want marijuana are gradually eliminated.

This can be done through self hypnosis. If you're thinking about how to quit smoking weed but feel that quitting marijuana is somehow beyond you, then think again. You really do have the power within you to make quitting marijuana easy. By relaxing and absorbing one of the themed hypnosis downloads once a day and also perhaps at night as you're going to sleep, you'll soon find your interest in and desire for marijuana permanently fading.

Details of Self Hypnosis Downloads to Help Quit Marijuana

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