How Reaching Female Orgasm And Sexual Climax Can Be Made Easy By Hypnosis

Reaching Female Orgasm

Speculation on the nature of orgasm and reaching female orgasm first tells us that experiencing orgasm can often be more problematic for women than for men. Reaching female orgasm and having an orgasm simultaneously with a partner is often thought of as the ultimate sexual goal. This, among other things, can have the effect of making it more difficult for women to have them, by way of the pressure you sometimes feel to focus only on reaching the orgasm itself.

What is an Orgasm

Someone was once asked to describe what it had been like reaching orgasm in a certain sexual situation that had been referred to and replied "How would you describe sneezing?"

While there isn't much comparison between sneezing and orgasm, this does cast a little light on the fact that the question - what is an orgasm - is not as easy to answer as it might have been presumed to be.

There have been attempts by scientific and medical researchers to define it by measuring the increase in temperature, heart rate, brain activity and so on. This kind of information might have some empirical value, but is otherwise irrelevant, like trying to appreciate the Mona Lisa by examining what kind of paint was used.

Alternatively, some writers and other artists have tried to somehow capture the essence of orgasm within an artistic context, and only the reader or viewer can use their own subjective judgement to decide if and in what way the question's been answered for them individually.

One thing, however, is clear. Orgasms are good for you. Hormones and chemicals released help to relax and destress you, and generally put the world in a better light.

Reaching Female Orgasm

It goes without saying that getting to orgasm is more likely to happen when the relationship between yourself and your partner is one where you can feel relaxed and confident about yourself within that relationship, and where your partner is unhurried, sensitive to your needs and willing to experiment.

Sometimes sexual positions can make a surprising difference. For example, some women find themselves unable to orgasm when using the standard missionary position. There are of course numerous variations on this which can be good ways to increase clitoral stimulation and possibly also move toward multiple g spot orgasms.

Many women also find reaching climax easier with oral sex. When the time is right ask your partner to slowly and gently caress the clitoris and vaginal opening with lips and tongue, and sexual arousal should soon begin.

As to where to go from there, again it depends on you and your partner being relaxed and comfortable with each other in such a way that you're both focused on pleasuring each other and willing to try anything mutually acceptable without feeling pressurised to "succeed".

Self Hypnosis and Sexual Enlightenment

Apart from physical problems, or being uncomfortable in a relationship, the ongoing obstacle to female sexual enhancement is purely psychological. Negative past experiences and/or stress in any of its various forms can become established in the mind, creating deeply ingrained and habituated patterns of negative thought which build up a subtle kind of mental block, preventing you from feeling sufficiently relaxed and positive about yourself so as to be able to let yourself go.

Through self hypnosis and physical and mental relaxation you can change these negative thought patterns and feelings into positive ones. Through self hypnosis erotic pleasure can be magnified, and with the power of suggestion and visualization, through a hypnosis download themed specifically to deal with sexual enhancement for women and reaching female orgasm, you'll soon find a positive change in your feelings about sex and about yourself starting to emerge. Then, problems with reaching female orgasm will start to become a distant memory.

Details of Self Hypnosis Downloads For Female Sexual Enhancement

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