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Relationship Problem Advice

Intimacy issues and negative self beliefs create a need for relationship problem advice in some relationships. In fact many relationships encounter difficulties at some points and could be helped by standing back and taking an objective look at what the real causes of tension may be. Relaxation and self hypnosis can help with this. If an individual or a couple are thinking about how to find or maintain happiness and stability in a relationship, then the first thing about relationship problem advice that should be remembered is that communication and trust are the foundation of any good partnership.

Relationships And Communication

For healthy love relationships to stay strong, both partners have to be willing to give and take, compromise in other words, and also be capable and willing to offer an emotional shoulder for each other to lean on when one or the other is having a difficult time with something.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in maintaining healthy relationships and that is a frequent cause of couples arguing is that over time they allow themselves to become overly critical of their partner's habits and quirks.

Never, or at least strive, not to lose focus on the value of maintaining a balance between your partner's idiosynchrasies and your own. Self hypnosis and love relationship advice, or more specifically relationship hypnosis, can help you to cultivate a more relaxed and expansive attitude, removing inner tensions and opening up your mental vision to the bigger positive reality of a good relationship, benefiting not only you but the relationship as a whole.

Another relationship problem can develop from a situation whereby you might have started out spending a lot of your time together, but with the passage of time comes an awareness that you or your partner or both also have outside interests.

If one or the other indicates a desire to spend time doing other things outwith the relationship, it doesn't automatically mean that they want to be away from their partner or are losing interest in them. In fact, good relationship problem advice often suggests having outside friends and interests as this often acts as a stabilizing factor in basically good relationships.

One of the biggest relationship turn offs is having a clingy and emotionally insecure partner who is suspicious and paranoid about what the other is doing when they're out of sight, and uses emotional blackmail to try to pin them down.

Quality time together is more mutually appreciated when both partners know that they can enjoy their friends and interests as well as the relationship itself.

Have a look at this relationship problem advice article on insecurity in relationships, in which Mark Tyrell of HypnosisDownloads.com outlines the causes and effects of relationship insecurity and how it impacts on both partners, and introduces the new 10 Step Course on how to overcome insecurity.

Relationships and Jealousy

Jealous relationships often feature highly on the list of situations requiring relationship problem advice. However even in basically sound relationships, some people are susceptible to some degree of jealousy, especially sexual jealousy. If, for example, one or the other suspects that their partner is looking at other women or men, that's because they probably are, but they're probably looking at all sorts of other things as well, and are only really giving a cursory glance to the other person.

Even so, whether in a relationship or not, it's perfectly natural to give a quick appraising glance to an attractive member of the opposite sex (or the same sex if applicable), it's what we're hardwired to do, and doesn't mean that your partner is thinking that they look better than you or wants to dump you for them.

If your partner seems a little jealous or insecure over this, good relationship problem advice would suggest making an effort to think up some sexy or romantic ideas to show him/her that he/she is your No 1. Furthermore, hypnosis is an effective way of dealing positively with the sense of insecurity and low self esteem caused by negative self beliefs which are ultimately responsible for feelings of jealousy. This page on how to deal with jealousy may be of interest and benefit.

What is Love

In all areas of life we see the duality of male and female. The division of the sexes in vegetable, animal and of course human life is obvious, and it's also obvious that each sex in many ways needs the other. But beyond simple sexual desire, what attracts one to the other? Why do some relationships last and others not? Why sometimes do some of the most seemingly unlikely partnerships turn out to be some of the strongest and most enduring relationships? Understanding something about what has been called the secret of attraction will help significantly in the search for a true love relationship.

Coupled with some knowledge of the factors governing human attraction and magnetism, an understanding of yourself and thus what it is that you really want, will also help to equip you with the tools to make finding true love possible. By mastering your life and utilizing through self hypnosis even a little of the intuitive knowledge latent within you, all relationship problems can be resolved. Also, with regard to relationships generally brushing up on your understanding of how to be charming can do no harm and possibly a lot of good.

Understanding body language is also a great way of figuring out where you really are in a relationship with someone. Check out these pages on sexual body language and its similar counterpart romantic body language.

Affirmations for a Loving Relationship

Affirmations - statements of intent or aspiration - are "messages" directed into your subconscious, which, especially when coupled with visualization of the desired outcome, will ultimately bring that desired outcome into actuality. As your all powerful subconscious mind begins to recognise the strength of your desire, it sends promptings into your conscious mind which lead or guide you towards the fulfillment of your goal. To find the love of your life, you need to know where to go, who to see, what to say and how to say it. This knowledge already exists in your subconscious and with the use of personal affirmations and self hypnosis you can bring this knowledge into your conscious awareness. More information on relationships on the following pages - 

Common Insecurities

Fear Of Relationships

Body Language In Communication

Relationship Problem Advice

Whatever form of relationship advice you may feel could benefit yourself or your relationship, self hypnosis can definitely help. Negative emotions such as jealousy, low self esteem, unresolved anger etc are often the cause of relationship difficulties. Hypnosis is now widely regarded, even in popular psychology, as being one of the best ways, in fact probably the best way to get to the source of these negative feelings and replace them with positive ones. This enables you to feel much more relaxed and confident about yourself, making it much easier to create stimulating new relationships or strengthen an existing one. For most people, a loving and happy relationship with a significant other is a primary requirement for emotional and psychological well being, and all the pleasure and satisfaction in life which comes from that.

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