How To Use Relaxation Hypnosis
For Natural Stress Relief

Relaxation Hypnosis

The deeper relaxation achieved through self hypnosis in the form of relaxation hypnosis is vastly more significant in its ability to counteract the harmful effects of stress on the mind and body than anything that can be gained from "normal" relaxation. The generalised view of relaxation usually involves a short break away from it all to recharge your batteries and then return to the fray. With relaxation hypnosis you're using one of the most genuinely effective stress reduction techniques available, involving not only a form of progressive physical relaxation but also an ongoing calming and clearing of the mind.

While there's been a general improvement since the mid 20th century in living conditions in the developed countries, life has become more stressful for many people. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that many people just don't know how to relax properly. Here's some info on relaxation training hypnosis.

In thinking about how to relieve stress it should be appreciated that fear, stress, tension and anxiety have always been a part of life's experience, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. However, as an individual, the way that you react to these factors is just as significant as their actual existence.

By integrating a program of relaxation hypnosis and guided imagery relaxation into your life you train your conscious mind to habitually think and therefore impress upon your subconscious thoughts of a calm and clear nature, thereby enabling your subconscious mind to open up to you its cool and calming reservoir of serenity - whenever you need it - to deal calmly, effectively and positively with difficult people or situations.

This isn't about becoming bland or emotionless, but simply means that through your elevated level of mental clarity - derived through relaxation hypnosis - you will always be able to see the "bigger picture" of things. It is precisely this ability which is most hindered by negative emotions like stress, anxiety and so on. Have a look at this page on hypnosis for anxiety for more about dealing with chronic anxiety.

Negative emotions narrow or "tunnel" your vision, whereas true relaxation opens it up. A good holiday break fulfils this to some extent, but not as significantly or as consistently as genuine relaxation derived through creative contact with the subconscious can. This is brought about through stress relief hypnosis through a combination of visualization, absorbing relaxation themed hypnosis downloads and by using affirmations.

Emotions and Health

It's now widely accepted that the mind body connection exists. Someone with a relaxed and positive outlook is likelier to be in better health than someone with a negative attitude who is prone to stress, tension and - especially - anger. Some say that anger has its uses but there's no getting away from the fact that as far as an individual's personal life and relationships are concerned anger is a highly destructive emotion which only very rarely, if ever, actually helps to solve a difficult situation. If you have a short fuse, then by understanding anger and by knowing your anger triggers you'll be taking the first step towards getting the better of this powerfully poisonous emotion.

Relaxation Hypnosis

By learning and feeling the meaning of true relaxation, vistas begin to open up in your mind and life. Things like social anxieties which once seemed so powerful and significant in your life become visible for what they are, mere phantoms and delusions, now being swept away by the invigorating realization of the possibilities that are now open to you.

Some people also have, at the back of their minds, a constant sense of dread or apprehension, aka insecurity. Being a worrier drains vitality and energy and, like anger, it seldom does any good, even in challenging situations such as financial stress for example. By learning how to relax properly overcoming insecurity becomes easier than you might ever have imagined it to be.

Insomnia and Migraine

If you have one of these conditions you may think of them as being insurmountable, but that is not the case. Your subconscious mind has within it the power to remedy these and many other conditions. By using hypnosis for insomnia or practising migraine hypnosis you're reaching and reprogramming your subconscious to "delete from its database" the actual cause of the condition itself. You may also find these insomnia quotes helpful.


With true relaxation you will:

  • Heighten mental clarity, make better decisions and better judgements of people and situations.
  • Be free from constant feelings of stress, anger or anxiety.
  • Boost immune system by getting rid of harmful chemicals/hormones produced by negative emotions like stress and anger which cause heart disease, strokes etc.
  • Have lessened desire to overeat or smoke excessively (if at all)
  • Dissipate residual tension in the muscles.
  • Think more creatively and positively.
  • Improve short and long term memory.
  • Have a better life!

The calmness and serenity eventually achievable through relaxation hypnosis brings with it many positive things. The benefits of progressive and applied relaxation mean not only that you can heal your life but also gain considerably more pleasure and satisfaction from it too, principally because relaxation hypnosis opens your mind to the positive reality of your life, and diminishes the negative focus on fear, anger, self doubt and stress.

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I must admit that the help I've had with my stress problem through using the relaxation hypnosis download has been amazing. I knew within a few days of starting with it that I'd at last found the solution. My life is so much better now. Thanks so much".
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