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Relaxation Training Hypnosis

For inner mind healing learning relaxation training hypnosis is one of the most effective options available. Healing your inner mind is simply another way of describing the process of altering your thought patterns in such a way that you react to difficult situations calmly and positively, instead of becoming stressed, anxious or angry. This is achieved by learning to hypnotize yourself through the process of relaxation and self hypnosis. This may sound problematic but getting to the necessary level of hypnosis induction is not difficult.

There are many and varied relaxation techniques available, but the long term value of any one of them depends on their effectiveness in getting to the root cause of a person's tendency towards stress, anger or anxiety. No doubt many people believe that external factors such as financial stress, bad relationships etc are the cause of stress, but that's not actually true, it's how your mind reacts to these situations that influences your actual response to them.

With relaxation training hypnosis you learn to gain mastery over the flow of your conscious thought. If your conscious thoughts are habitually of stress, anger or anxiety, this negative thought energy becomes imprinted on your subconscious which then creates conditions in your actual life which reflect that negative thought energy.

However by using affirmations, visualization and suggestion to train your conscious mind to habitually send positive and relaxed thought energy to the subconscious, you find yourself overcoming the delusional fear and self doubt which lies at the root of negative responses to difficulties and developing the kind of cool, positive and level headed attitude to potentially stressful situations held by someone who has control and mastery over the urge to allow negative and destructive emotions to take over.

Relaxation Training Hypnosis

The first stage of this involves inducing a deeply relaxed state whereby suggestibility is heightened and critical left brain thinking faculties are temporarily shut down. In other words, by relaxing deeply you open the way for positive suggestions and visualizations to reach - and influence - your all powerful subconscious mind.

Start by choosing a time, preferably around the same time, and for about 20 minutes or so during the days or evenings, when you can have privacy and not be subject to noise or interference. Having a bed to lie on, or at least a comfortable sofa or chair, and to have a moderate room temperature, is also necessary.

Playing one of the gentler pieces of classical music, certain types of New Age music or even just wave sounds gently lapping back and forth on a beach will also help in the initial stage of your self induction. There are a wide range of downloads, cd's and mp3's available for this purpose.

At this stage, or before, you need to decide which of the two self hypnosis methods you are going to use. The use of affirmations and visualization is an effective way of reprogramming thought patterns, as long you're prepared to be consistent and diligent. If you are, you'll eventually get the result that you want.

Alternatively, or as part of a combination of techniques, you can listen to a relaxation themed hypnosis download or mp3, again under the right conditions of physical and mental relaxation. Many people find this method easier and quicker in bringing results, because you don't need to maintain the balance between being deeply relaxed but still "conscious" enough to keep up the repetition of the affirmation. When the suggestions and imagery are coming from an outside source, it's easier to just let them sink in.

Soothing Relaxation

When you're lying down and are comfortable, and have chosen your affirmation (from the list below or formulate your own) or are ready to begin listening to your pc download or mp3, fix your eyes on some point on the ceiling or in front of you, hold them there, then slowly let them close.

Begin to breathe regularly and quite deeply, and after a minute or two think of your muscles, from the feet upwards to your neck, as beginning to gradually loosen and relax. Maintain your steady breathing and relaxing of your muscles and then fill your mind with some image that you associate with calm and tranquillity.

For the purpose of this instruction, let's assume that you've chosen one of the affirmations below, or formulated your own similar one:

I'm calm, relaxed and at peace with myself

I'm relaxed and very tranquil

Now that you're deeply relaxed and with your mind filled with tranquil imagery, begin to whisper or recite your affirmation, slowly and deliberately. Keep this up, around 20 - 30 times, all the while maintaining your muscular relaxation, deep breathing and mental imagery, then let it gradually fade away. At this point, just let your mind float, then bring yourself back to normal consciousness.

If you follow this practice, every day, you'll find that after anywhere between 2 weeks and a couple of months you'll be feeling considerably more relaxed, both physically and mentally, and able to deal calmly and constructively with potentially stressful situations or even avoid them altogether.

Even if you're very stressed or anxious about something, learning how to hypnotize yourself and use relaxation training hypnosis in this way will bring considerable relief and reward, though it might take 2 or 3 sessions before you'll start to feel the benefit. Nevertheless, 2 or 3 sessions would only cover 2 or 3 days, so the fact is that within 1 week, even if you're currently dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety, by using affirmations or themed hypnosis downloads you'd find that relaxation training hypnosis will lift a significant burden from your shoulders, and a solution to your problem will begin to emerge. Here also is a link to an interesting and informative article on relaxation techniques generally.

Details of Self Hypnosis Downloads For Deep Relaxation

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I must admit that the help I've had with my stress problem through using the relaxation hypnosis download has been amazing. I knew within a few days of starting with it that I'd at last found the solution. My life is so much better now. Thanks so much".
Pam UK

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