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The ability to achieve success with remote hypnosis first involves understanding that you won't really get anywhere with telepathic hypnosis and remote viewing techniques by just reading about it. You must be prepared to do it and you also need to mentally have in place several factors first. You need to have belief in or at least strong awareness of the potential power of your own mind. Secondly you must know exactly what it is that you want someone - your "target" - to do. Thirdly you need to have honed your visualization skills to a high degree. Finally you must of course have awareness of and belief in the power of remote hypnosis and telepathy.

Many - but not all - scientists and "rationalists" would dismiss this out of hand but there are literally countless examples of it everywhere, some of which include laboratory tests which have shown conclusively that telepathy can and does happen. (See link to "hypnotic telepathy" later on page).

The term "target" has negative connotations but objectively speaking it's useful to think this way because the chances of success with distant hypnotic influence are greatly enhanced if you not only know a lot about the person you're trying to influence hypnotically but also if you can focus your mind and your powers of visualization on them clearly and intensely, just as if you were visualizing a real "target".

Generally speaking, most people have been taught to either disbelieve in or to think of something like remote hypnosis in a negative way, whereby someone with the ability to practice it must be in some way or other up to no good.

However, as with traditional hypnosis and suggestion, most people respond more readily and effectively to positive, beneficial suggestions and influences than they do to suggestions and influences which could be harmful to them. 

Practicing Remote Hypnosis

It would be useful at this point to remember that unassailable belief in the power of your subconscious mind is absolutely necessary. Obviously, if you don't really believe that you can do something then you almost certainly won't be able to do it. 

Put aside the "rational" and "logical" limitations of your everyday consciousness and explore your mind and its potential.

Most people spend their lives thinking and acting within the confines of their everyday consciousness, and have been taught to dismiss ideas such as being able to use remote hypnosis and mind power to influence someone telepathically as so much tosh. They have little or no understanding or awareness of the power of the subconscious mind and are forgetting that truth is often very much stranger than fiction.   

Following is a basic outline of the steps that you would take to practice hypnotic influencing. Bear in mind that success with this requires not only belief in your own ability but quite rigorous discipline, practice and patience. Think of what's involved in learning the techniques of conversational hypnosis  and then multiply that by a factor of 2.

Practice visualization techniques, starting with simple objects such as, for example, an apple or something. Place the object before you on a table or something similar, look at it for a minute or two, then close your eyes and use your imagination to visualize the same object - exactly as it was as far as you can - in your mind.  

Build up and strengthen your powers of concentration by mentally holding the image in your mind for as long as you can and as clearly as you can. When unrelated thoughts and images wander into your mind and interfere, dismiss them and refocus.

Then practice, practice and practice again, say twice a day 5-10 minutes each time, using increasingly detailed objects as you do. When you've been doing this for 2 or 3 weeks or so, you'll find your powers of visualization and concentration becoming markedly more powerful. There is also a wealth of information online and in print on visualization techniques. 

During this period of time decide on who it is that you want to influence and why - remember that you're vastly more likely to succeed with positive intentions rather than with negative ones - and then formulate exactly in what way it is that you want to influence them, meaning for example that you may wish to help him or her with a weight loss program or to quit smoking. Write down on a piece of paper the name of the person you're focusing on and write below that exactly what your stated aim is with regard to that person, again for example weight loss, smoking or whatever.

Although it may sound like something out of the pages of a manual on witchcraft or something, it would also be helpful to if possible obtain a good quality and recent photograph of the person to use in your visualization and thought projection exercises. This isn't absolutely necessary but could be helpful.

Then learn to combine deep relaxation with visualization. Deep relaxation is one of the most effective "doorways" to the subconscious. When you're deeply physically and mentally relaxed whatever it is that you're simultaneously visualizing is impressed that much more deeply and effectively into the subconscious. 

And when you're deeply relaxed and visualizing a person that you know and know a lot about, then eventually - depending on the strength and power of your visualization and concentration - a "psychic" or telepathic link between you and that person would be formed temporarily.

It's at that point that your subconscious mind uses its power to transcend space to transmit the essence and intent of your mental imagery and thought concerning the person you're focused on from your mind to their mind and influence them accordingly. The extent of the success of this again depends on the level of your ability to hold that image and thought in your mind for say, several minutes, unaffected or undiluted by other unrelated thoughts and images. 

Gaining this ability wouldn't be easy for anyone, however once you'd actually mastered it you would find it progressively easier providing you maintained some practice. You would also find that you'd become - by almost any standards - quite a powerful and masterful individual.

If you really wanted to approach the study and practice of remote hypnosis seriously it would be worthwhile thinking about first gaining some knowledge and experience of hypnosis itself. This page on how to learn hypnosis gives information on a Course created by a reputable and long established company founded and operated by professional and certified hypnotherapists and psychologists.

Hypnotic Telepathy

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