Romantic Body Language And
Attraction Body Language

What he or she is really feeling can be divined through romantic body language. Understanding body language and gestures will help you know if someone's romantically interested in you, or not, as the case may be. Consciously or more often subconsciously people both make and pick up on subtle gestures - eye contact, facial movements, gestures and posture - which reveal - again consciously but more likely subconsciously - what the other person is really feeling and thinking.

Romantic Body Language

Understanding body language indicators is a valuable skill which can help you towards fulfilling your goals in many, perhaps all aspects of life. Body language can be the language of love. If you're a man, and her gaze on you is fulsome and lingering and she's sitting close to you perhaps with her knees pointing towards you, then you have grounds to consider the possibility that she's romantically interested in you.

In the above mentioned scenario, with her making long and lingering eye contact and exhibiting other perhaps more subtle gestures then it would probably be safe to say that she's romantically interested in you. The word "possibility" was only used as a reminder that jumping to early conclusions about what one isolated body language signal might mean is often a mistake. You have to see a fairly consistent pattern or repetition, or "cluster" of signals before making firm judgements and/or decisions about how to approach or respond to someone.

Eye contact is perhaps the most obvious and easily understood body language indicator, with overlapping similarities applying to both male and female. Whether you're a man or a woman, if you notice someone looking at you who then either holds the look - indicating a bold and confident personality - or perhaps looks away but then soon looks back at you again, then he or she is indicating interest in you and would probably like to know more about you.

You should be able to sense or feel the vibe behind the look in terms of whether it "feels" good or not. Lingering and appreciative eye contact is one thing but a look with no sense of warmth or sensuality behind it is more than likely not worth following up on.

Posturing is another clear indicator of a person's feelings towards someone. If you're a woman and a man that you're with seems to be habitually tending to "point" his upper body towards you, being close without being too close, and facing you directly with an open and friendly expression then it's a relatively safe bet that he's at least comfortable in your company and quite possibly attracted to you.

Also if he tends to "preen" when you're around, i.e. standing up erect, shoulders back and head up, fixing hair and so on, then he's unconsciously trying to present his best aspect to you and more than likely finds you attractive.

Romantic body language is also expressed through various forms of touch, though not of course intrusive or presumptious touching. If you're a man and the woman you're with asks you the time and touches your wrist, ostensibly to look at your watch, she's consciously or unconsciously hinting that she likes you and is comfortable with you. If she picks - perhaps non existent - fluff or whatever from your jacket then she's indicating a gently proprietorial attitude towards you which would also mean - unless she's about 40 years older than you - that she finds you attractive.

Empathetic gesturing or "mirroring" can be another example of romantic body language. If you notice that someone - male or female - seems to be somehow subtly imitating some of your gestures and mannerisms and is as far as you can tell not doing this in a direct and obvious way - which would of course merely indicate someone trying to pull your leg - then it's a fairly clear signal that he or she likes and admires you and in one way or another finds you attractive. More than likely he or she will be doing this unconsciously in an effort to gain your attention and approval. For more about mirroring check out this page on NLP body language.

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