How A Secret Of Attraction
Can Help You Find Love

Secret Of Attraction

To attract your ideal love partner to you involves using a secret of attraction that concerns your personal magnetism and also using the power of your subconscious mind to develop it and use it to create the right signs of attraction that will draw your perfect love match to you. This secret of attraction is and always has been a universal law of attraction based on certain compatibility factors but more importantly on what has been called the aura.

This does not specifically relate to the law of attraction craze which swept the planet in reaction to the movie based on its ideas, though the theory behind these "laws of attraction" does tie in with known facts about the ability of hypnosis and creative visualization to tap into the vast potential of the subconscious mind. In other words by habitually visualizing yourself as an attractive person you will soon start to feel attractive, and when you feel attractive, you will be attractive.

Male and Female Duality

Men and women may be equal insofar as some men are better and smarter at some things than some women are, and some women are better and smarter at some things than some men are, but both are of course fundamentally different.

There's a very generalized but fairly sound view that the male mentality inclines more toward logic and reason and the female mentality more towards intuition and emotion. A woman may place importance on certain things which may mean very little to a man, and disregard other things which a man may consider to be important, and vice versa.

Male and female are both individual and different halves of a perfect circle of completion and fullness, and one of the main characteristics of a healthy relationship between a couple who have found their own secret of attraction would be shown by just how compensatory one is to the other, by how they seem to be more when they're together than when they're apart, by how they seem to complete each other. The same would apply to the perfect same sex relationship, where one is precisely complementary to the other.

The perfect relationship completes the perfect circle, and so without the perfect relationship you can't be completely happy and fulfilled. Needless to say, most relationships do not quite reach this supreme level, but to dismiss the possibility of finding that someone who is literally "your other half" would be a mistake.

Finding Out Love Is Blind

A man or a woman may know many attractive members of the opposite sex (or the same sex depending on sexuality) and may have had some sort of relationship with some or all of them and may think that he/she loves them all, but not feel any genuinely heartfelt love for any of them.

Then one day he/she meets someone who doesn't appear to meet their usual criteria of attractiveness and so on, but then very soon they fall head over heels in love with each other. Whatever secret of attraction is operating here is striking a much deeper chord than the usual straightforward sexual attraction and some mutual warmth and compatibility of interests.

While physical attraction and mutual interests are of course some of the basic traits of a healthy relationship, something deeper is required to make it click into a true "soulmates" relationship.

The Human Aura

There is often talk around the concept of "magnetism" when people discuss relationships, who is attractive and who is not etc. In fact everyone, in varying degrees, is a "magnet", though not of course in the sense that a real magnet would attract certain minerals to it. This form of magnetism as it applies to humans is based on nervous energy.

Nervous energy is the "force" by which the brain sends its messages over the nerve pathways to the different parts of the body, in a similar way to which electricity runs along lines. When electricity moves along wires it creates a field of magnetism around the wire. When nervous energy is moving along a nerve line it similarly creates a field of nervous energy around the nerve line. Contained within an individual human body are millions of these fields of nervous energy which combine and blend to form an overall field of energy known as the aura.

This field of energy, just as with an actual magnet, actually extends outwith the body itself, and some highly sensitive people can consciously sense or even see this field of energy around bodies, hence the term "aura".

The aura - secret of attraction- holds the answer to the mystery of love.

Aurae, just like people themselves, vary in shape, color, extent and intensity. Someone who is healthy, positive and strong minded will have a "robust" and probably colorful aura, while someone who is unhealthy and prone to negative thinking will have a weaker, perhaps darker aura.

Aurae are almost but not quite as unique as individual humans, and when two aurae "intermingle" as two people come close enough together for them to contact, both people will subconsciously know immediately whether they are going to get on well or not. Conscious awareness would follow quickly or at some point soon after this first meeting.

When two aurae intermingle, there are varying degrees of either harmony or friction. When a heterosexual man and woman first meet, if their aurae are harmonious they will become either friends, lovers or soulmates, depending on the degree of harmony.

If there is discord, they will quickly part company or grow to dislike each other. The same principle obviously applies to people in same sex relationships. If, as sometimes happens, two people meet for the first time and don't get on but in due course find themselves drawn together this is due merely to some degree of psychic or psychological confusion concerning their first overall impressions of each other.

Despite strong social conditioning whereby for example certain physical forms are idealized and the rich tend to marry the rich and the poor tend to marry the poor, harmony or discord between aurae often has nothing to do with looks, money or status, but comes from something much, much deeper.

Your Secret Of Attraction

If you're lonely or are plagued by doubts about your ability to feel like and therefore be an attractive person, the solution already exists within your subconscious mind. The question is how to draw it out and put it into practice in your life.

The reality of your life corresponds directly to the nature and quality of the thoughts that habitually occupy your conscious mind. If you're constantly thinking of yourself as being unattractive, your all powerful subconscious will react to this by creating circumstances and conditions in your life which will confirm this. If, however, you train your conscious mind - through self hypnosis - to consistently send positive thoughts about yourself to your subconscious then it will guide you to and attract to you circumstances and situations which will confirm this, and your aura will become more vital and strong.

While the subconscious mind is wise and powerful to a degree beyond the comprehension of even the best brains on the planet, it nevertheless works with what it gets from the conscious mind, creating in the reality of your life whatever conditions are suggested by it, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative.

Apart from the obvious benefits of positive thinking, i.e. making the most of what you have in terms of personality and appearance, the daily and/or nightly use of a relevantly themed hypnosis download is a powerful way of using hypnosis to focus your desire for love on to your subconscious. This method of subliminal persuasion of your powerful subconscious will soon result in positive changes to your thought processes, ideas and self image. The ultimate secret of attraction lies within the aura, and as your subconscious begins to use its power for your benefit your aura will be strengthened and vitalized, attracting to you - sometimes through seemingly strange coincidences - those who will sense, deep down, that you are in tune with them. You now have knowledge of the key to your own secret of attraction, and it is completely within your power to use it.

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