Using Self Esteem Affirmations
And The Power of the Mind

By understanding the mental process involved in self esteem affirmations and how they work you can turbo charge your success in all areas of life. Positive affirmations consistently transmitted from your conscious to your subconscious mind will in due course become a reality in your life, not in any airy fairy or "magical" way, but because your all powerful subconscious will manifest in your life the conditions and circumstances suggested to it by your habitual conscious thoughts.

Your subconscious mind works with the images and thoughts that are imprinted on it by your conscious mind. With regard to self esteem affirmations however, it's not always necessary to be deeply relaxed. You can use affirmations anywhere, anytime, silently or aloud. Feeling and repetition are what counts regarding affirmations.

Visualization and feeling of yourself as the confident and self assured person you wish to be should be practiced twice daily, every day for 5-10 minutes each time and you can if you feel comfortable with it use your affirmation while doing this though effective use of this technique does require conditions of privacy and comfort, where you can lie or at least sit down, close your eyes, allow your muscles to loosen, and then mentally and physically relax.

Relaxation and heightened suggestibility helps to clear the way for a single thought or image to impress itself upon the subconscious, at which point the subconscious begins to manifest the reality of the thought or image. It is in this way that hypnosis downloads are especially useful and effective, and should be considered for use as well as affirmations and visualization. You could, for example, visualize once in the morning and again in the evening and absorb a relevent hypnosis download at night as you're going to sleep, and use self esteem affirmations as and when appropriate throughout the day.

Ultimately getting the result you desire may take a couple of weeks or it may take months. Persistence is a must! Be ready to use these techniques, on a daily basis, for at least a few weeks. It may be that after a couple of weeks you'll start to doubt that anything's going to change, and you'll start to think about giving up. Don't! Don't give up! Don't be a pushover for your negative self.

Self Esteem Affirmations

When you've got yourself comfortable in quiet surroundings, and have allowed yourself to become physically and mentally relaxed, muscles loosened, eyes closed, say or whisper to yourself "I love and respect myself". Repeat this affirmation around 20 - 30 times. While doing this create in your mind an image of what you feel and think of as being your positive self. This imagery will reinforce the strength of the positive affirmation as it begins to reach your subconscious.

Here's more effective confidence affirmations with broadly the same aim :

I am confident and I attract success

I'm confident and attractive to other people

I deserve love and respect

Choose one or the other, or formulate your own affirmation, and be businesslike in ensuring that you have time for this once a day, preferably twice, every day, for at least a few weeks. You should also print or write, in your best handwriting, your chosen affirmation on a plain piece of cardboard about the size of a business card or small postcard, and refer to it during quiet times through the day.

Another helpful practice to add to this regime would be to stand before your mirror, presumably in the mornings, look into your eyes and recite your chosen affirmation to yourself at least several times.

One of the reasons why many people find it easier to absorb the same benefits of self esteem affirmations by listening to hypnosis downloads is principally because the suggestions are coming from an exterior source, thus removing the need to maintain a balance between being deeply relaxed enough for the message to get through to the subconscious and staying "conscious" enough to maintain your slow repetition of the affirmation and the mental imagery which reinforces it.

You can use self esteem affirmations and the other techniques in the manner described above to approach any problem you may have, be it in relation to health, finances, relationships, sexual problems, whatever is your most pressing need. All the power and wisdom you could ever possibly use in your lifetime is hidden within your subconscious mind, waiting to be unlocked.

It's very important that you pay attention to the framing of any words of affirmation that you're going to use. Always use positive terminology and avoid any negative connotations in your affirmations. Include words that carry the basic meaning of what it is that you want to happen, i.e. "confident", "attractive", "successful" etc and keep your affirmations short, to the point and if possible rhythmic. Also never doubt the effectiveness of affirmations, the subconscious will act on what it is given, and not on what your conscious mind may or may not perceive to be "real".

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