Self Esteem And Leadership
And The Psychology of Success

Self Esteem and Leadership

Understanding how self hypnosis can help to develop self esteem and leadership qualities will give you a head start if you're seeking to improve your prospects in employment, business, politics and any other field. One of the crucial factors involved in using self hypnosis techniques with regard to this is first learning how to set your goals and stick to them.

Many people probably feel that they know what their goals are, i.e. to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be rich, attractive etc, but having such unfocused goals is unlikely to lead anywhere in particular.

Self Esteem And Leadership

Leaders always have, virtually by definition, a sense of high self esteem, in that they believe strongly in their ability to achieve their particular aim and have a passionate desire to make it happen. In some cases they may not even consider themselves to be particularly attractive or even intelligent, may even have their own particular type of self esteem problems, but they always have a very specific aim in mind, for example to reach the top of a certain organization or perhaps lead the way in bringing about some form of social change.

The power of their belief in something, and the strength of their desire to bring it about are some of the most readily identifiable characteristics of a person with self esteem and leadership qualities.

Among other traits indicating true self esteem and leadership qualities are an ability to make decisions and stick to them, while knowing that you can never please all of the people all of the time. Thinking for yourself and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd, which comes from having a strong belief in yourself and what you do, is also a prerequisite. Being able to manage people and also take complete responsibility for your decisions, combined with an ability to genuinely motivate people towards the fulfillment of a commonly held goal, are also factors often seen in biographies and other accounts of the careers of leaders.


Leaders, like anyone else, have their own distinct personalities and inner motivations, not always positive. Ghandi was one type of leader, Hitler another. Leaders emerge from within criminal organizations as well as political parties or company boardrooms. It all boils down to their sense of self belief.

Believe in Yourself

Developing a sense of self esteem and leadership abilities doesn't necessarily have to involve a desire to lead your country or some other lofty aim. It can be about wanting to be the best you can be in what you do, being a leader in your own particular field. It's a question of focus, and knowing what your strengths and abilities are and how to use them in pursuit of your focused goal.

Someone who is intently focused on a goal and who has a passionate desire to achieve it will, in one way or another, ultimately be successful. If you knew exactly what it is that you really want you'd be halfway to success already.

Take some time out to think about yourself and your life. Evaluate your priorities. What is it that you think would make the greatest positive difference to your life at this time? Providing that it's not in breach of natural law, it's within your grasp. Start by writing down a list of things you want or aspects of your life you want to change. Then think hard, reflect deeply on what should go to the top of your list. It's important to get this right, because this is the goal or aim that you're going to focus all your attention and energy on, to the exclusion of everything else, until you've achieved it.

Some people don't want to bring on themselves the "effort" of having to focus hard on anything in particular. Such people will, unless and until they change, flit from one fad or partial desire to another, and never really get anywhere or know the satisfaction of true success.

Genuine self esteem and leadership qualities are found in people who know what they want, and are prepared to walk the walk as well as talk the talk in order to get it.

Let's say that, for example, you've heard that some form of career advancement may be on its way to you. This new position would involve managing people, giving instructions and interacting with more senior members of management. You strongly desire this new position, but have a gnawing doubt or fear that you won't succeed in it, perhaps because you've never given orders before and are unsure how people will react

Start to make a twice daily habit of visualizing yourself as being successful in your new role. If your desire for this is strong, then your subconscious mind will become your ally. To facilitate this, spend 5-10 minutes at least once or preferably twice a day visualizing yourself as having already fulfilled your goal. See and feel yourself as confidently and successfully interacting with colleagues and clients alike, and reaping the relevant benefits.

Use a self esteem and leadership related affirmation at appropriate times through the day - where using affirmations is concerned it's not necessary to have an implicit conscious belief in what you're affirming, it's repetition that counts - and absorb a self esteem and confidence boosting hypnosis download as you're going to sleep at night. By using these three techniques diligently and consistently over a period of time your belief in yourself and your ability to "lead and succeed" will grow, slowly at first but will then become an unmistakeable reality in your mind and life.

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