Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

If your mental attitude is positive and you use self hypnosis for weight loss then you will succeed in achieving your weight loss goal. The best weight loss plan would always take into account the importance of the mind itself with regard to something like losing weight, rather than relying on willpower and self denial alone. Weight loss by hypnosis doesn't involve constantly battling against recurring food cravings, rather it persuades your mind and imagination to work with you and not against you. No matter how much extra weight you may currently have, self hypnosis for weight loss can change your entire view of and relationship with food.

Think about it for a moment. Which of the two following scenarios do you think would be the most likely to result in successful, permanent weight loss?

1) You embark on a fairly strict diet and exercise regime. You know that you're going to have to miss out on various foods that you like and also eat less of the rest. You know you're going to have to persuade yourself to do much more physical activity, walking, swimming perhaps, trips to the gym etc. You also know that you're going to have to be tough on yourself even more because you know that it's going to be quite a while before all this diet and exercise becomes "normal" for you. In other words you're looking ahead to at the least six or seven months of temptation and self denial. Right now all you can do is tell yourself that you will not at any time give in and relapse back into the old ways.

2) You make a conscious decision that you want to lose weight. You understand that your mental attitude towards this will be crucial in determining whether you succeed or fail. You also understand that by trying to force self denial on to yourself you simply provoke your imagination to work against you. (Trying to convince yourself that you don't want something when your imagination is telling you that you do just doesn't work, not for long anyway).

You decide to start, not by initiating a full scale assault on your desires and your imagination, but by preparing your mind to start thinking of and visualising yourself as having the physique that you want. You use relaxation and the power of hypnosis/self hypnosis to reprogram your deepest thought processes concerning you and your relationship with both food and your body. After a couple of weeks or so you begin to realise that your appetite is decreasing and, in conjunction with a normal level of physical activity, the pounds are starting to disappear. You also realise that your entire attitude towards food has changed for the better. You're not missing the extra food you used to eat and don't feel that you're denying yourself anything. If for whatever reason you thought about overeating again, you realise that you'd have to consciously force yourself to do it.

The simple reason that most dieters don't succeed is that they chose 1 over 2. 

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Select a place, preferably at home, where you can have privacy and quiet. Lie down on a bed or sit in a comfortable armchair. Begin to let your body relax and slowly let your eyes close. Begin inhaling and exhaling fairly slowly, deeply and rhythmically. Starting with the feet and ankles and moving gradually upwards to the face and neck, just allow your muscles to go limp and relaxed. 

While maintaining the slow, deep and measured breathing, create in your mind a mental image of you as the slim, sexy and supple person that you want to be. (Or at least you as having less body weight than you do at present). Let this image fill your mind and, importantly, begin to feel yourself in this way. Feel yourself, emotionally, as this slimmer version of you. Just because you aren't actually there yet doesn't matter. What you're doing here is communicating something through to your subconscious mind, and the subconscious doesn't "care" if something is real or imagined. All that the subconscious "cares" about is to begin the work of bringing this new mental image of yourself into the actuality of your life, because that - among many other things - is what the subconscious does, it "follows orders" given to it by its "controller", your conscious mind.

If other unrelated images and thoughts intrude, don't try to "fight" them off, simply dismiss them and refocus on your visualisation of you as you'd like to be.

Now, while maintaining your physical and mental relaxation and your visualisation, begin to either mentally or verbally repeat an affirmation along the lines of - "I am slim, healthy and fit" - or create one of your own.

With regard to self hypnosis for weight loss, the important thing to understand about affirmations is that they must be positive and framed in such a way that implies that you already have what it is that you want. It's the sense of immediacy, the sense of now, that gets through to the subconscious, not something that implies "maybe" or "hopefully" or "later".

Maintain the relaxation, visualisation and affirming for around 10 minutes or so, then let it fade away, forget about it till the next session and get on with your day.

You should do this once or perhaps twice a day, every day. After a couple of weeks, maybe sooner or maybe later, you'll start to notice a positive change in how your body physically feels and in how you mentally feel about yourself and your body. Also at about this point you'll notice that you're starting to lose some weight (assuming a normal level of physical activity). Also very importantly, you'll realise that you're not actually having any real difficulty with this, it simply feels, well, natural and "right".  

This, through self hypnosis for weight loss, is the result of your subconscious gradually responding to the mental imagery and affirmations sent to it from your conscious mind. It has begun its work of changing your body and mind in accordance with what it has been "instructed" to do.  

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