Self Hypnosis Scripts And
How To Write Them

The benefits of self hypnosis can be enhanced by using self hypnosis scripts. By writing and then using your own scripts you magnify and intensify your focus on your desire to resolve whatever the problem or issue may be. There are two main factors to consider when writing/creating your own scripts. These are a) that you are firm and clear in your mind about specifically what problem it is that you wish to address, and b) that you follow some simple ground rules relating to the structure and content of the script(s).

Self Hypnosis Scripts

The use of effectively written self hypnosis scripts can - and does - add significantly to the overall benefit that can be gained from self hypnosis generally, and also to the speed and ease with which these benefits can be gained.

It's well known that if you write an affirmation down repeatedly as well as just using verbal or mental repetition, it will often be much more effective much more quickly. The same principle applies with regard to the use of a written script when using self hypnosis, though of course once your hypnosis script is completed to your satisfaction you obviously don't need to rewrite it.

Hypnotists and hypnotherapists use scripts all the time, though they of course don't just read them parrot fashion for each and every patient or client. A good hypnotherapist understands that people are different, even people who are struggling with the same issue, and so will have memorized the basic script and will be able to tailor it to the specific person's specific issue or problem.

The same applies when creating your own script for your own personal use. You first of all need to be clear in your mind about exactly what it is that you want to deal with, for example stress reduction, losing weight, quitting smoking, building confidence or whatever. This page on how to do self hypnosis - while not specifically referring to scripts - gives information on practicing self hypnosis generally.

Then you need to have an understanding of how to write the script using form and language in such a way that is most effective in reaching and reprogramming the subconscious.

Finally it would be a good idea to prepare yourself to make some kind of recording of the completed script so that you can play it back to yourself.

Here are the most important points to consider when writing your script...

  • Write the text in clear, short and to the point sentences and paragraphs, while not being too basic and sparing with it. On the one hand, over-wordy and long-winded sentences and paragraphs are not quickly or easily absorbed by the subconscious and are of course harder to memorize. On the other hand you want to use language and words that resonate with you and that make it easier for you to visualize and emotionally connect with the imagery that the words evoke in your mind.

  • Always write in the present tense, in the "moment of now". If you were to write something like "I will lose weight" what you're actually doing is telling the subconscious to put off dealing with the weight problem till some unspecified time in the future. However if you instead used "I am slim, healthy and fit" then the subconscious - which doesn't "care" whether something is "real" or imagined - will accept and absorb the import and imagery of the statement precisely because of its sense of immediacy, of its happening "now".

  • Never use negative words or terminology in self hypnosis scripts. Always think and write in positive terms. "I am", "I choose to", "I accept" are positive terms. Words like "can't", "won't", "don't" are negatives, as are references that encourage the subconscious to "think" that it needs to sustain the old undesirable belief system. In other words "I won't eat junk food anymore" is a very negative statement in that it uses a negative term - won't - and also uses a reference to the old belief system, i.e. "junk food". Much better would be "I choose to eat healthily".

  • Be creative in your use of words and phrases. While keeping your sentences and paragraphs short or shortish, populate them with words that connect with you and have emotional meaning for you. This varies from person to person, but some obvious examples are words like "strong", "healthy", "powerful", "amazing", "attractive", "successful" and so on. Use of words like these in a script helps convey meaning and conviction to the subconscious.

  • Stay focused on exactly what it is that you're seeking to achieve. There may be several things in your life right now that you'd like to deal with or change, but you must have identified which is most important to you and you must then train all of your focus and desire on to that. Never write a script that attempts to do different things, as this often results in little or no success.

  • Never try for too much too soon. It's important to be realistic in your desire and expectation for change. This is particularly relevant if you're creating a script that's wealth and/or success related. Start with what you know to be a realistic target or aim. When you're successful in some initially modest way, your confidence in yourself and your belief in your ability to succeed grows and you'll then be able to move on to bigger things.

  • Repetition is an important factor in communicating desire to the subconscious. This ties in with the earlier point about focus, in that there should be a consistent thread running through your script which focuses on and repeats your desire, though not of course just in some parrot fashion type of way.

Following these basic guidelines in the writing of self hypnosis scripts will put you on the right track to success in your aim. Obviously though, being able to reference examples of scripts would also be very helpful, starting with hypnosis induction scripts which can be used to give you an idea of how to start your self hypnosis session. Then follow that up by checking out a couple of free hypnotherapy scripts to round things off and also if you're interested the erotic hypnosis script. Hypnosis Downloads have a vast library of pre-written, low cost self hypnosis scripts available for use by hypnotherapists but which can also be adapted for personal use. More information is available through the following text link.

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