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Using self hypnosis is one of the best self improvement ideas there are because for any self improvement technique to be effective it must be backed by the power of the mind. What this means is that by attempting to use willpower alone to lose weight, quit smoking or whatever, 9 times out of 10 you'll ultimately fail because the power of the imagination is almost invariably stronger in the longer term.

The best self improvement ideas take this into account, understanding that the positivity and optimism you feel at the start of a for example weight loss or quit smoking program won't be maintained by willpower alone but by using the power of your mind to change subconsciously the way that you feel and think about whatever aspect of your life it is that you want to improve.

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  • Self Improvement Articles Directory

    Celebrate Your Success by C. Roy Hunter, PhD, FAPHP

    To many people, success means simply doing what we enjoy doing and doing it well. To some, success describes an ongoing journey through life, filled with accomplishments. One can successfully...

    What Does "Self Improve" Really Mean? by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

    Talking about how to self improve has become mainstream. In the last few years since I've been writing articles I've noticed that the category of "Self Improvement" has been showing up more than ever before.

    Weight Loss Programs To Shed Pounds Safely With Self Hypnosis by Wendy Lambert

    Thinking about weight loss programs to lose excess weight? Happily, there exists a solution to shed pounds safely through the self hypnosis weight loss method.

    How To Manage Stress By Utilizing Self Hypnosis by Dan Walker

    Stress levels are at an all time high and are on the rise. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are looking for ways to manage stress so as not to disturb their overall health.

    Regression Hypnosis by Admin

    An insight into the phenomenon of hypnotic age regression.


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