An Insight into Sexual Aversion Disorder and Decreased Libido

Relaxation techniques and hypnosis can overcome sexual aversion disorder, also sometimes referred to as sexual anorexia, because all psychologically based disorders are products of the way in which the mind has interpreted and absorbed certain experiences or impressions. Hypnosis is a proven method of utilizing the latent power of the mind to change positively the habituated and subconsciously rooted thought patterns that derive from past negative experiences or impressions. Firstly, though, there's a difference between a temporary loss of desire for sex and a diagnosis of sexual aversion disorder.

People can experience temporary lack of sex drive or interest in sexual contact for numerous reasons. Bereavement, unplanned redundancy and unemployment, financial stress, childbirth, menstruation, post operative recovery, divorce and of course finding yourself in an unhappy relationship are but some of the circumstances which can cause a temporary reduction of interest in sex.

What is Sexual Aversion Disorder?

The condition of ongoing sexual aversion, first acknowledged as such in the 1980's, relates to much more than the normal fluctuations in male or female libido that most people experience through their lives. Someone with this condition would exhibit or express highly negative emotions or reactions with regard to the thought of any form of sexual intimacy with anyone, although it does occur in varying degrees.

In some cases, the person concerned may feel fine about intimacy up to a certain point, even perhaps certain levels of foreplay, but would have a strongly negative reaction to the prospect of actual genital contact, either as a male or a female, though this condition is more common among women.

In other cases sexual or intimate contact of any kind or extent is avoided, the prospect of which, along with the fear of being touched, causes feelings of panic, nausea, disgust and sometimes anger.

Sometimes this fear of and repugnance toward sexual activity has been present in the individual since their early years, or comes about after some deeply upsetting experience later in life.

Others have a more specific (situational) form of the condition, which means that they're strongly averse to the idea of intimate sex with a particular partner or types of partner(s) and/or in certain circumstances.

The more generalized and more serious form of the condition, which makes the person unable to feel good about any kind or level of sexual activity at all, is often based on highly negative past experiences such as rape or some other form of violence or prolonged negative mental conditioning. Gender identity disorder has also been sometimes seen as a contributory factor.

Hypnosis for Sexual Aversion Disorder

There is now such an acknowledged understanding of the power of the subconscious mind to to overcome psychological - and even physical - problems, that the potential value of hypnosis as a means of successfully treating this condition cannot be overlooked. Once it's been established that there are no physical factors which could be causing aversion to sex, it's time to focus attention on the mind.

There is a debate as to whether treatment in these cases should be viewed as a method of dealing with an anxiety disorder or purely as a psychological aversion disorder relating specifically to sex.

The important thing, it would seem, would be to start at the place where the problem began. You would get there, of course, by going back in your mind to where, when and how the problem began.

Undergoing the process of acknowledging, absorbing and letting go of the past experience(s) is the first real step towards overcoming it.

The next step involves making time - around 15-20 minutes on a daily basis - for privacy, quiet, comfort and fairly deep relaxation by allowing all your muscles to gradually relax, closing your eyes and breathing regularly and by visualizing in your mind an image of calm and tranquillity.

Once you've gained some proficiency with relaxation - you'd know when you realise that you're becoming a bit more carefree and less stressed - you could then use the power of suggestion and visualization through a themed hypnosis download or mp3 to begin to deconstruct the remainder of the fear, anxiety, anger or whatever kind of negative feelings and mental imagery which have been driving your sexual aversion disorder, and allow the suggestions to put in their place a gradually growing positive awareness of your capacity to desire and enjoy sex. When sexual aversion disorder is a product of the mind, there's no doubt that it can be overcome by the mind.

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