How Shopping Addictions
And Compulsive Buying
Can Be Overcome

The urges that cause compulsive buying and sustain shopping addictions make it seem as if compulsive shopping is and always will be something that you're stuck with, but that's not the case. There's often some underlying issue such as stress, depression or some kind of frustration ultimately responsible for shopping addictions.

Retail therapy - like many things - can be fine in moderation, but when the emotional high that spending and buying freely delivers has become embedded in the subconscious in such a way that the subconscious "learns" to associate the feeling of liberation from problems exclusively with the act of shopping and spending money, then the psychological addiction has taken hold and other problems - and not necessarily only financial problems - are not far away.

Addiction to shopping and buying things, like many negative habituated behavior patterns, creates a kind of vicious circle effect in that if you're not feeling good about yourself then something deep down seems to be telling you that can alleviate that feeling by going out and buying - possessing - something.

If you've been a compulsive shopper for a while then you've been there before. You know that simultaneously the act of spending money and acquiring possessions will relieve your negative feeling but you also know from experience that soon afterwards you'll start to feel weak and depressed about your apparent inability to control the urge. But then you feel compelled to deal with that feeling in a way that you know will relieve it - by going out shopping and spending money, and so the cycle goes on.

A shopping and buying compulsion can be brought about not only by underlying stress but also quite simply by a desire to possess expensive things designed to impress others. This kind of motivation points towards a self esteem issue, whereby the person feels inwardly that they need to somehow show others that they have the "status" which the person unconsciously feels that he or she lacks.

Needless to say, compulsive spending is likely to lead to financial and also perhaps personal disaster. Even some wealthy people and people who had high salaries who for one reason or another developed a compulsion to buy and spend have in some cases lost everything.

Breaking Shopping Addictions

No habit, addiction or compulsion is unbreakable, no matter how unbreakable or unbeatable it may seem to be. Providing that it has desire and focus behind it the mind is capable of overcoming just about anything.

Assuming that you have the desire to overcome a shopping and spending habit/compulsion, and that you truly appreciate the absolute necessity of breaking free from it before real and serious problems find their way to your door, then the remaining question is how to translate that desire into action.

The action in this case involves using hypnosis/self hypnosis to reprogram the thought processes - which create the urge to spend as a response to problems and negative feelings - and replace them with a gently embedded understanding and realization of the truth that the buying and shopping compulsion is not only damaging to your financial and emotional health, but is also simply unnecessary. When - through hypnosis - your subconscious reaction to everyday stresses has been changed in such a way that you will begin to deal with life's challenges in a positive and constructive way you'll be able to look back at your addiction to shopping  as a curious but now harmless aberration that you once went through. The Overcome Compulsive Buying hypnosis download has been created exclusively for this purpose, and more details are available here.

Details of the Stop Compulsive Buying Hypnosis Download

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