Using Smoking Cessation
Guidelines & Craving Control

In the early stages of breaking the smoking habit following smoking cessation guidelines can help to make the difference between success and failure. One of the first things you should do is write down and keep close at hand a list of reasons why you want to quit, so as to remind yourself of the facts about tobacco and its effects. Something else to include on your list of guidelines and to keep close at hand would be an image of smokers lungs to act as another reminder of the possible consequences.

Smoking Cessation Guidelines

Set a date. Try to anticipate a time that's likely to be relatively stress free. Set the date a couple of weeks ahead so that you can continue smoking but also start to reduce the number of cigarettes normally smoked prior to the actual date. Some hypnosis downloads are based on the idea of a 10 point plan through which you stop gradually as your subconscious attitude to smoking changes.

If you know of a friend who seriously wants to quit get together and mutually support each other.

Tell your doctor and friends and family of your plan to quit. This helps to reinforce in your mind the fact that you're serious about quitting smoking. It also lets family and friends know in advance that in the early stages you may require support.

Part of any set of quit smoking guidelines should include thinking in advance about how you're going to prepare yourself to deal with triggers such as stress, socializing with smokers, missing a cigarette after meals etc. For example, if you're worried about what you're going to do without a cigarette after meals then focus in advance on anticipating a delicious dessert instead, or some succulent fresh fruit if you're concerned about weight gain.

(With regard to smoking cessation and weight gain the level of temporary weight gain experienced by most quitting smokers has been overstated, perhaps originally by tobacco companies.)

If you normally socialize with smokers in bars, it would be best to avoid these situations completely for a few weeks.

As for stress, you can't expect to avoid stress completely, so therefore be mentally prepared for it when it comes. Standing back from the situation - metaphorically or otherwise - or if possible lying down, and taking some slow and fairly deep breaths might sound cliched but guess what it works wonders in reducing stress.

The most effective smoking cessation guidelines of all involve using your conscious mind to consistently impress on your subconscious positive thoughts and images of yourself as a non smoker, free of any urge or inclination to smoke. The subconscious works with what it gets from the conscious mind, whether positive or negative, good or bad, and quickly begins to create as reality in your life whatever conditions are suggested to it by your conscious thoughts. The best way to do this is through hypnosis/self hypnosis. More people now quit smoking through hypnosis than ever before and the effect of the guidelines outlined above if backed up with the use of appropriate hypnosis downloads before and during your smoking cessation would be increased considerably.

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