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To break the habit of teeth grinding requires that you stop grinding teeth at a subconscious level. People with the habit of grinding teeth - bruxers - are almost never consciously aware of it when it's happening, not least because they're usually grinding teeth in sleep, which is an indication of the fact that the causes of teeth grinding often have their roots in the subconscious. Therefore to stop grinding teeth requires a solution that understands and acts on this.

Stop Grinding Teeth

If you're waking up with a painful or tensed and clenched jaw, or if your teeth are feeling sore or tender, it may be that you're grinding teeth while sleeping. And if you're going through some kind of stressful period and are experiencing some of the above mentioned teeth grinding symptoms on waking up, then the possibility that you're grinding your teeth is increased.

Nocturnal grinding of teeth can cause various noises to emanate from the mouth, so if you sleep with a partner or in a shared bedroom the other person(s) may be aware of it, but were perhaps reluctant to mention it, so if you've got a sore or uncomfortable jaw on waking, ask!

If you are or have been experiencing bruxism for an extended period of time and haven't already done so, the first thing to do is to make an appointment to see your dentist because it can cause various dental problems.

This would also help to establish whether or not the condition has a medical/physical cause, as can sometimes be the case. If not, however, then some form of deep rooted stress or tension is expressing itself by causing you to grind your teeth while asleep.

For some people at least, this can be a disturbing revelation to come to terms with, especially as it's often the case that many people who are under stress don't consciously realize just how stressed they really are and would be unpleasantly surprised to discover that their stress has been causing them to unconsciously grind their teeth while asleep.

However, while not a common condition, bruxism isn't particularly rare either, so you're not alone.

Hypnosis For Teeth Grinding

As a pose to a "sticking plaster" type solution to the problem, such as a mouth guard, hypnosis deals with the underlying cause behind the problem and also stops the subconscious mechanism or habituated pattern that actually causes you to grind your teeth as a response to the underlying issue.

In other words teeth grinding hypnosis will relax your mind and body thereby enabling you to deal positively and constructively with stress or anxiety, and will simultaneously "train" your subconscious to stop causing you to grind teeth.

Hypnosis Downloads have created an excellent pc/mp3 download which can do just that. Booking a series of hypnotherapy sessions would also be effective, but you may prefer a more immediate solution whereby you can download the Stop Grinding Teeth recording today and use it as and when you wish. In some cases one listening session while mentally and physically relaxed - perhaps just before going to sleep - will be sufficient, others may need to use the download daily or nightly for a longer period. Further details are available here.

Details of the Stop Grinding Of Teeth Hypnosis Download

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