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Techniques and persuasion skills in relation to street hypnosis can best be developed by first understanding that rapid hypnotic induction is hypnosis but not hypnosis as it's most generally perceived to be. It's a kind of ad lib or "impromptu" hypnosis which could be thought of as a form of street theatre. To those familiar with only traditional hypnosis techniques the incredible thing about street hypnosis is that it often actually works.

Yes, someone standing in the middle of a busy, noisy street or bar full of bright flashing neon CAN be hypnotized.

Obviously here we're not talking about hypnosis/self hypnosis in the sense of its being a valuable tool in smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence building and so on. Rapid trance induction is a different thing, though it is of course based ultimately on hypnotic and NLP techniques with the emphasis being on NLP, i.e. verbal and non verbal communication, direct and indirect/embedded suggestion, body language and other forms of communication.

These rapid induction techniques first started attracting attention around 02 or 03 or thereabouts with videos demonstrating what appeared to be instant inductions being performed randomly on members of the public.

Exactly where and how street hypnosis got started doesn't seem to be clear, though there's no doubt that at root there must be some kind of link back to Ericksonian theory and practice of conversational hypnosis as practiced by conversational hypnotist Igor Ledochowski.

Some opinions hold that some kind of meeting of minds or synergy between the Head Hacking Research group and the PUA (pick up artist) group sort of spontaneously created street hypnosis between them and really brought it to wider public attention. Then it wasn't long before entertainers and hypnotists such as Derren Brown, Vince Lynch and Sean Michael Andrews were popularizing it widely.

There are however some commentators who are uneasy about the rise in interest and popularity relating to street hypnosis, seeing it as potentially dangerous and also tending to bring out the negative power seeking element of some personalities.

Others see it as being empowering in the best sense of the word, enabling those who have learned and mastered the techniques to realize just how much potential they really have within them, and also encouraging those members of the public who have been instantly hypnotized to think more about the hidden powers of their own minds.

And as far as safety itself is concerned, all of the courses offering instruction in it - the most well known and professional ones anyway - emphasize safety of and respect for the subject as being of critical importance and provide instructions relevant to this, like for example ensuring that if necessary the subject is seated before being put into trance in order to avoid the possibility of them falling and hurting themselves.

If you're interested in the possibilities of this field and want to learn more you may - if you have a very high natural aptitude for it - be able to do so with no prior knowledge of or experience of hypnosis itself.

However it almost goes without saying that it would make much more sense to start when you have an at least basic understanding of hypnosis and hypnotic techniques and with this in mind you should first check out this page on how to learn hypnosis.

Street Hypnosis Techniques

Here's a very basic introduction to some of the induction, deepening, suggestion and awakening techniques employed in street hypnosis. The very first thing that you need to know is that you won't succeed unless you're confident about what you're doing, or at the very least appear to be confident. However with some more in depth and concentrated study and practice confidence would come naturally.

Most rapid inductions involve an element of surprise or use of some slightly disconcerting suggestion or action being used to make the initial command, i.e. "sleep!" or "trance" work effectively.

Falling Hand Induction. First ask your subject to be seated. Get them to press one of their palms onto one of your palms. Then raise your palm/hand upwards against theirs to get them to press more firmly. Then suddenly withdraw your hand and then immediately as they are disconcerted confidently and firmly give your command, for example "sleep!" and then smoothly commence with your deepener.

Sticky Hands Induction. Ask the person to extend both of their arms out straight with the arms being about 1 to 1.5 feet apart, and with both of their palms facing each other. Then smoothly but firmly tell them to imagine their palms as being magnetic and being slowly and magnetically drawn closer and closer to each other. Then as their palms get nearer to each other tell them as soon as their palms touch they will instantly go into a deep trance. Then just immediately before their palms actually meet quickly and firmly but gently clap their hands/palms together then give your command i.e "sleep!" and then commence with your deepener.

These are just two of numerous induction methods which can be used. More in depth research and practice would reveal many more, and in due course you could create your own.


Again these are just a couple of examples of basic, standard deepeners. With study, practice and the development of confidence you eventually would be able to "deepen" more or less spontaneously by just saying whatever comes to mind as appropriate to the person/situation.

"Deepening" is the term used to describe the deepening of the hypnotic state after induction.

Deepening 10-1. Immediately after successful induction, tell the subject "I'm now going to count from 10 to 1. When I reach 1 you'll be in a state of deep trance and you'll naturally respond to all suggestions and you'll be feeling relaxed and comfortable as you go deeper and deeper. 10, you're beginning to relax now, 9, going deeper, 8, deeper and deeper, 7, focusing your mind, 6, feeling calm and relaxed, 5, now you feel how nice and easy it is to just allow yourself to drift, 4, you're now feeling completely relaxed as we go down to, 3, and you know that at 1 there's the feeling of deepest relaxation and calm, 2, now you're in deep trance, and, 1, deep trance now and feeling fine and ready to accept all suggestions given."

Shoulder touch. This deepener would be used by the more experienced and proficient hypnotist. Immediately following induction, tell your subject "Every time I touch your shoulder you'll be more and more relaxed and you'll go deeper and deeper into trance, listening to my voice and being aware of the feeling you're beginning to experience intensifying now," (tap on shoulder) "deeper" (tap on shoulder) "deeper still" (3 taps on shoulder) "all the way down and feeling good and going deeper" (tap on shoulder).

As said before, these are just basic "scratch the surface" type of examples used in street hypnosis, and should not necessarily be thought of as scripts to be followed. With practice you can easily invent your own deepeners.


When you've successfully inducted and deepened a subject you can then place suggestions. These suggestions could be made appropriate to whatever circumstances or situation you and your subject are in, i.e. entertaining or instructional or whatever.

Always remember to have respect for your subject and always take their safety into account, and always place a positive slant on suggestions by, for example, when leading up to a suggestion saying "and you'll feel no fear or alarm or discomfort, you will actually be amazed and inspired by this demonstration of the wonderful power you have within your own mind."

The positive and/or harmless suggestions you can put to a subject are more or less limitless, especially once you really know how. Here's just one example of a well known suggestion that has been observed to work in street hypnosis by countless observers and participants around the world.

After induction and deepening, put your subject's hand on a wall or table and tell him/her that the hand is stuck fast to the surface and that the harder they try to unstick it the harder it will stick there. If you've inducted and deepened successfully they will not be able to remove their hand from the wall or table until they've been brought back out from the trance. This has been seen to work so many times by so many observers that there's no doubt about its validity. This is a very basic suggestion which can be used to lead on to other more advanced ones.

Or you could induce laughter by telling the subject that something otherwise unremarkable - such as a certain word or someone's hat or whatever - is incredibly funny, the funniest thing they've ever heard/seen and the subject will practically wet themselves with laughter every time they hear or see it.


Awakening relates to bringing someone back out from hypnotic trance and back to normal. A basic example for an inexperienced student to consider is the standard 1-3 awakener. After you've finished with the suggestions, say "Now I'm going to count from 1 to 3, and with each number I count you'll become more aware and alert, becoming more and more relaxed and happy and returning to your normal state of consciousness. All will be back to normal and you'll also feel good and that life is more interesting as a result of your experience with hypnosis. 1, beginning to come back now, 2, stretch yourself and feel yourself coming back, 3, you're now wide awake and feeling great."

This page is intended only as a very basic introduction to street hypnosis techniques, and study and practice would be required in order to attain some degree of confidence and proficiency. And, as stated before, some prior knowledge of and also preferably some practice in hypnosis itself is strongly recommended. With enough study and practice you should be able to cut it with this and you'll find that you've acquired an empowering and potentially life changing skill.

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