Stress Relief Hypnosis
And The Causes Of Stress

The symptoms and the effects of stress can be alleviated by stress relief hypnosis because the deep relaxation experienced brings positive and lasting benefits to the mind and body. When stress relief hypnosis is practiced on an ongoing basis - initially every day then after 2 or 3 weeks a couple of times a week - it will deal not only with symptoms of stress and its effects but also improve your ability to react constructively to situations that could create stress in the first place.

Having said that, it would however be unrealistic to aim for a completely stress free life, in fact you need to have a little stress going on, at times anyway. Humans have evolved with a certain capacity for stress, and the old fight or flight response while generally not necessary in the same way that it once was, obviously still has its value. The law of the jungle may no longer literally apply but the stress that forces you to jump out of the way of a speedily oncoming car or truck would still save your life.

A certain amount of stress is also unavoidable. For example, if some decision was about to be made, outwith your control, that was going to have a significant impact on your life for better or worse, then almost inevitably you're going to experience some level of stress. The key lies in developing the mental ability to not just "cope" with the stress, but being able to see above and beyond it.

Facile as it may sound there is simply nothing to be gained by fretting and worrying over a situation because by doing so you allow vital energies and resources to drain away from you, perhaps when you need them most.

By making a point of finding time to incorporate stress relief hypnosis into your day to day life, you'll find that not only are the symptoms caused by stress starting to disappear, but also that your whole inner attitude towards life's potentially challenging situations becomes much more relaxed, so that you retain those vital energies and resources and bring them to bear on finding a positive solution to the problem.

In these circumstances, and with that relaxed attitude, you often find that the solution has been under your nose all the time. You'll also find that you learn to intuitively avoid getting into troublesome situations in the first place, because by making creative contact with your subconscious mind through stress relief hypnosis your intuitive judgement of people and situations and your level of mental clarity becomes sharpened and heightened.

Signs of Stress

Some of the physical manifestations of exposure to prolonged and/or severe stress can include an elevated heart rate and also breathing problems brought about by hyperventilation syndrome and of course heart disease itself. High blood pressure, insomnia, sexual problems, skin disorders, menstrual problems, ulcers, indigestion and a general heightening of susceptibility to disease and infections are common symptoms.

Psychological symptoms such as increased tendency to social isolation, irritability, aggressive behavior, depression and varying intensities of compulsive behaviors such as repeatedly checking that lights are off, doors locked etc are all usually indicative of a high stress level.

Stress Relief Hypnosis

There are many strategies for stress relief but the most important one starts with learning how to relax. Begin by identifying a time and a place where on a daily basis you can comfortably lie or at least sit down for about 20 minutes or so. Some stressed people don't believe that they have time to "waste" and fail to appreciate the extent to which they could improve the quality of their lives by setting aside a short period of time to use self hypnosis for relaxation.

Decide at this point whether you're going to do this entirely on your own by using an affirmation and visualization or if you want to acquire and listen to a relaxation themed hypnosis download as well. It's often reported that downloads, mp3's or cd's are easier to absorb because it's not necessary to keep up the conscious repetition of the affirmation during your relaxed state.

Either way, though, you need to become quite deeply relaxed so as to enable the "message" to get through to your subconscious. When you're lying down and are comfortable, close your eyes and begin to slowly breathe fairly deeply and steadily.

After a few minutes of this, begin to imagine, to feel your muscles, from your feet slowly and gradually up to your neck and face, going loose and relaxed. Now fill your mind with some calming image involving yourself and feel it as if it's happening now, not tomorrow or the next day but now and, if you're using an affirmation, begin to slowly and deliberately whisper to yourself the following words:

I'm calm, relaxed, and at peace with myself

Maintain the visualization and the soft, slow but deliberate repetition of the affirmation around 20 - 30 times, then gradually "float" back to normal consciousness.

As stress relief treatments go, this simple technique works, as long as you're prepared to be consistent and keep it up daily until you get the desired result. It's not difficult or hard, but as stated before, you may well find that by absorbing a download as well, perhaps at night as you're going to sleep, you'll find your stress and its symptoms starting to disappear more quickly and easily.

Physical activity is often cited as one of the great stress relief techniques as for example using a punchbag etc, and there is some truth in this, but stress relief hypnosis doesn't just scratch the surface of stress, but gets right down to the cause of it. More precisely stress relief hypnosis enables you to deal not only with the symptoms and effects of a stressed life, but gives you the ability to deal positively with the external factors that seem to cause it in the first place.

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I must admit that the help I've had with my stress problem through using the relaxation hypnosis download has been amazing. I knew within a few days of starting with it that I'd at last found the solution. My life is so much better now. Thanks so much".
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