Learn About Sugar Addictions
And Controlling Blood Sugar

Using self hypnosis to beat your sugar addictions is the best way to get to the root of the problem because carb cravings and no doubt most if not all other types of addictions related to food and sugar are, as they say, all in the mind. That's not to minimize how difficult getting on top of sugar addictions can appear to be, not least because many diets for quick weight loss focus largely on calorie counting and mostly fail to address the real root causes which are emotional and psychological.

Having said that, however, it would be useful to first take a look at some of the facts about sugar. Many people are unaware of the true quantity of sugar that they actually consume. It's estimated that over half of American adults each consume about 50 kilos of sugar per year, mostly by way of additives in some foods.

Sugar is everywhere, and is found in many foods that you wouldn't normally associate with a sweet tooth. It's used, for various reasons, in the manufacture of many processed foods, is in fact found in most food, though often these are natural sugar substances harmlessly processed by the body.

Getting High

Generally, it's the refined white sugar product used as an additive by manufacturers and consumers that helps to create the problem of physiological and psychological dependence and is partly responsible for chocolate addictions. In this situation, the body becomes accustomed to certain blood sugar levels and to its sugar fix and you start to become mentally dependent on the subtle but significant high that you experience when you indulge the craving for sweet food.

Over the last 15 years or so laboratory evidence and data has been steadily accumulating which indicates that sugar causes neurochemical reactions by stimulating pleasure centers in the brain. Sugar raises insulin levels, which ultimately causes serotonin to be released.

This is where the sugar high comes from, and is why sweet foods are often thought of as comfort foods. The high is however inevitably followed by a low, and this discomfort leads to a strengthened desire to reclaim the comfort feeling by eating more sweet food.

The longer you stay on this treadmill of dependency the more weight you'll gain but at the same time you're deriving less and less actual pleasure from the sweet food you're now addicted to.

The consequences of long term addiction to sugar are not limited to the obvious, such as obesity, bad skin and tooth decay, but can also manifest in the form of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and other serious conditions that many people might not have readily associated with over consumption of sugar.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Sugar Detox

Nowadays, sugar is more ubiquitous than tobacco, and is of course also present in some alcoholic drinks. It's not clear to what extent sugar creates physical dependency but there's no doubt that it's psychologically habit forming.

Physical sugar withdrawal symptoms can include mild headaches, fatigue, temporary skin blemishes - probably a result of the body starting to detox - and possible mild ear, nose and throat discomfort, and also perhaps slight nausea. Psychological symptoms could include mild depression, a sense of loss or deprivation, irritability and sleeplessness. The whole withdrawal process usually takes about 2 weeks, but severe sugar addictions may take a bit longer.

Sugar Addiction Help

While physical dependency leads to physical withdrawal symptoms, all forms of addiction ultimately derive from the mind, and ultimately it's the mind that overcomes them. The best diet program in the world will not help you to permanently overcome sugar addictions unless you understand this. By setting aside 20 minutes or so every day for a few weeks to practice relaxation and make use of one of the relevant self hypnosis downloads you will be enlisting the aid of your all powerful subconscious mind towards altering the way you think and feel about food. Your desire for sweet and junk food will diminish and you'll find yourself actually wanting to be more physically active, with the end result being significant weight loss.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads To Beat The Sugar Habit

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