Thomson Jay Hudson, Hypnosis
And The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Thomson Jay Hudson was born in Ohio in the US in 1834. As a young man he funded his own college studies in Law and eventually opened a practice in Michigan. He later changed direction and became a journalist and editor and also at one point ran for the US Senate, but without success. Later Thomson Jay Hudson again changed tack and took up a position in the US Patent Office, eventually becoming the Principal Examiner of the Scientific Division.

He was still in this position on publication of his famous and ground breaking book "The Law Of Psychic Phenomena" in 1893.

Hudson was an intelligent man with an inquiring mind, as demonstated by his refusal as a youth to follow his father's instructions to become a minister of religion because he felt unable to unquestioningly accept theological dogma for its own sake.

Publication of his book in 1893 was virtually an overnight success throughout the English speaking world, and enabled him to freely pursue his further research into psychic phenomena and the potential of the human mind.

In Washington DC in the 1880's Hudson, who at this point was a Detroit newspaper editor, attended a demonstration of hypnosis conducted by a Professor Carpenter of Boston. A member of the audience volunteered and was then placed under hypnosis. Professor Carpenter then asked the subject if he wanted to meet Socrates, with Carpenter suggesting to the hypnotized person that he was able to evoke the spirit of Socrates. The subject agreed, and the professor then pointed to a corner and said "there he is".

The volunteer then appeared simultaneously taken aback and awed, agreeing that he could "see" Socrates. Carpenter then suggested that Socrates was prepared to answer any questions that the subject may have. The subject tentatively began a conversation with the "spirit", with Carpenter having explained that he couldn't hear Socrates' replies, and instructing the subject to act as an intermediary and repeat everything that Socrates said.

For nearly two hours an incredible "conversation" ensued, with "answers" so deeply insightful and erudite that the audience, with many strongly "rationalistic" scientists and doctors among it, was utterly amazed by the depth and profundity of the replies coming from the hypnotized subject.

Thomson Jay Hudson himself happened to know that the subject had no particular knowledge of or interest in Socrates, and found himself puzzled but also excited by what he'd seen and heard.

He ultimately reached the conclusion that man has two minds, which he termed as the objective (conscious) mind, and the subjective (subconscious) mind, with the subconscious mind being possessed of a vast and perhaps infinite store of knowledge and ability of which the objective mind was largely unaware.

He saw the objective mind as the mind which perceives and deals with "reality" through the limited scope of the five senses, with its highest function being the capacity for reason. The subjective mind however, seemed to be capable of accessing power and knowledge far greater than anything that could be accessed by the objective mind alone.

The objective mind is the person you think of as "you", the subjective mind is hidden, almost separate and distinct. Under hypnosis, Hudson felt, the sceptical, limiting objective mind is put to sleep, and the subjective mind is able to take over, often with astounding results.

Hudson's research culminated in 1893 with the publication of his book, the aforementioned "The Law Of Psychic Phenomena". The term "psychic" would nowadays be taken to mean something like "mental".

His book was a massive success containing within it insightful and satisfactory explanations for everything from genius to insanity to creativity to inspiration to the miracles of Jesus and of hypnosis itself.

Another reason for the book's success was how Thomson Jay Hudson revealed and explained in clear terms not only that the subjective mind has incredible powers of memory, of creativity, of power over the body (mind over matter), but also that everyone possesses a subjective mind and everything that comes with it. Thomson Jay Hudson also explained the reason why everyone is not constantly able to access the power of the subjective mind, that being that the objective mind, by way of its "logical" limitations, tends to limit and inhibit the subjective mind's capabilities. Hudson's research into hypnosis/self hypnosis however, was beginning to reveal methods and techniques of overcoming this.

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