How Treatment For Agoraphobia
Through Hypnosis Works

Agoraphobia help and treatment for agoraphobia is effective with hypnosis because the symptoms of agoraphobia such as feelings of panic, anxiety and of being trapped in certain situations are a result of negative conscious thoughts about outside spaces etc being strongly and consistently impressed on the subconscious.

The conscious mind can, however, through self hypnosis, be trained to consistently impress on the subconscious positive thoughts about outside spaces etc, eventually resulting in the disappearance of the phobic reactions. Hypnosis/self hypnosis - either through hypnotherapy/NLP sessions or the use of hypnosis downloads and visualization - has been shown to be a successful treatment for agoraphobia in many cases, though there's no instant or immediate cure for agoraphobia.

What Is Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia can express itself in different ways, making it difficult and uncomfortable to for example enter public areas or spaces, travel unaccompanied or at all, or leave home. The degree of anxiety experienced can vary, with some agoraphobics managing - under certain circumstances - to go out to work, while others feel that they can't leave home at all.

People with agoraphobia don't necessarily have only a fear of open spaces, but can experience distress where there is a feeling of being trapped, as for example in a dentist's chair or in an elevator.

Statistically agoraphobia appears to affect women more than men, and agoraphobics sometimes have other problems relating to depression and social phobia.

Agoraphobia often begins to manifest between the early 20's and late 30's, and affects around 2-3% of the general population. It can take hold quite suddenly or over an extended period of time.

Hypnosis and Overcoming Agoraphobia

The sensations of anxiety and distress linked to agoraphobia are magnified and intensified by the imagination, creating a situation where the quality of life of the person can be affected in a highly adverse way. However treatment using a program of hypnotic suggestion through a relevant hypnosis download and also visualization, where the agoraphobic visualizes him or herself being and feeling calm and relaxed in some situation which would otherwise cause an agoraphobic reaction, will gradually and steadily remove the negative thought patterns and false beliefs which have created and formed the mental roots of the condition, ultimately leaving the individual concerned able to lead a full and normal life.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads for Agoraphobia Treatment

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