Understanding Anger And
The Causes Of Anger

Understanding Anger

If you have a problem with anger control then understanding anger in terms of what it is and how and why it originates is the first step towards overcoming an anger problem and ultimately freeing yourself from its unhealthy and unhappy grip. Any effective anger management technique should begin by understanding anger before using self hypnosis to master it.

Understanding Anger

Some people take the misguided view that their tendency to become angry and aggressive in the face of any real or imagined slight somehow builds them up in the eyes of others, or that their anger is always right or justified.

They are in fact doing themselves - as much as if not more so than anyone else - great harm.

Anger is explosive and destructive, and wreaks absolute havoc on the delicate equilibrium that normally exists between the mind, the central nervous system and the body as a whole.

When you become angry, your conscious mind immediately sends the emotion to your subconscious which obeys the urgency of the signal and obliges by instantaneously creating in your body the conditions required for aggression and violence.

The heart begins to beat rapidly, causing a rush of blood to the face and skin. Glands in the body immediately flood the bloodstream with excessive adrenalin and blood sugars, and the lungs begin to work much harder than normally, all as a result of the subconscious being "obliged" by the conscious anger to supply the surplus of energy required for violent physical action.

However, when the rush of anger has passed - as it always eventually must - the whole physical and nervous system is now flooded with an excess of toxic chemicals/hormones which it doesn't need and which are now acting literally as poison to the brain and nervous system.

If someone is angry frequently or even intermittently angry, these toxic overloads gradually but surely take an increasing toll on the health and well being of the mind and body as a whole, and this inevitably results in significantly lowered resistance to a wide range of chronic diseases.

Managing Anger

Managing and understanding anger doesn't involve trying to get rid of your capacity for anger altogether, but by learning how to control it, though not of course by simply trying to repress it.

Anger is a natural emotion. In its elementary form it is a leftover from the very early, savage and primitivistic stages of evolution. It's based on a combination of two primal instincts - survival and aggression. These instincts are much more powerful than any rational thoughts we may have about something. When you become angry adrenalin floods the system and rational thought goes out of the window and you react as if being confronted by some primal threat.

In the early stages of human evolution, when instant death lurked everywhere, this reaction was necessary for survival. Nowadays, however, anger itself, through the harm it causes to the angry person, is as much of a threat.

Part of understanding the true nature and origin of anger also involves appreciating the fact that anger is often based on false and distorted imaginings and misunderstandings. Many people become angry over things which have no actual basis in fact. Let's say that you're driving in fast and heavy traffic. Another driver's reckless stupidity may have caused an accident with you, but nothing actually happens. After you get over the first instinct - fear - you then become intensely angry over the thought of what might have happened.

Your imagination has begun to generate thoughts and feelings of threat, and you begin to imagine yourself as a victim of some sort. This mental process then begins to take on a life of its own, the feelings are magnified in your mind, and you end up poisoning yourself physically and mentally through the effects of negative emotions like anger which are now directed at someone or something you actually know little or nothing about.

Self Hypnosis and Dealing with Anger

By understanding anger you begin the process of controlling anger. To complete the process you need to alter the negative thought patterns that make you respond angrily to situations you perceive as "threats". Basically this is done by learning to use your conscious mind to send positive but relaxed thoughts to your subconscious. This can be achieved by daily visualizing yourself remaining calm and collected in situations which might have caused you to get angry and also through self hypnosis by listening to a relaxation-anger management themed hypnosis download initially on a daily and/or nightly basis for a couple of weeks. By this time you'll have begun to notice a significant change in yourself and your attitude. At that point, by understanding anger and having seen and felt that you have the power within you to overcome your anger, you could reduce the sessions to around once or twice a week until you know that you've overcome your tendency to irrational anger.

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