Using Visualization
And Affirmations As
Positive Self Talk

The life that you deserve can be attained through visualization and affirmations provided that the objectives are not unrealistic and that you're prepared to actually act on the intuitive insights and opportunities that your subconscious will guide you towards. The term visualization and affirmations is just a slightly New Ageist way of describing what is really a quite fundamental process which takes place in the minds of successful people everywhere when they unconsciously use the power of suggestion and imagery to pursue their objectives. You first see in your mind what it is that you want, then tell yourself that not only are you going to get it but that to all intents and purposes you already have it.

Visualization And Affirmations

Assuming that you've gone through the relaxation and first visualization phases linked from the Tutorial page, you're now ready to add positive affirmations to the process. Let's assume for the purposes of this instruction that the issue you're focusing on is a lack of self confidence in your interactions with others, but it can be adjusted to deal with a very wide range of issues.

Ok, so you're now quite deeply physically and mentally relaxed, inhaling and exhaling fairly slowly and deeply and are seeing - visualizing - and feeling yourself as being relaxed, confident and self assured in a variety of social situations.

Now begin to repeat to yourself an affirmation along the lines of "I'm relaxed, assured and confident" or "Every day I'm more and more confident in every way". Maintain your mental focus on the image of yourself as a socially confident and assured person, and quite clearly and deliberately repeat the affirmation around 20-30 times. Some people prefer to do this either mentally or verbally. You will soon know instinctively which way is most effective for you as an individual.

Possibly during the first few times you do this you'll find yourself being distracted by other thoughts which make it seem difficult to maintain the simultaneous visualization of yourself and mental or verbal repetition of the affirmation. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in popularity of hypnosis downloads because then the suggestions and affirmations are coming from "outside" via headphones, mp3 or whatever, and so are coming into your mind and not from it as you're visualizing.

However if you want to do this entirely on your own then with a little practice and dedication your technique will improve, and of course many people experience no difficulty anyway with affirming while simultaneously visualizing.

Maintain the visualization and affirming for what feels like about 5 minutes then allow it all just gently fade away from your consciousness and bring yourself back to your normal state. If undertaking only one session per day then give it a little longer.

It's necessary to underline the importance of dedication which, if your desire is strong you'll have anyway, because a half hearted approach to this will have limited effect. Dedication means being committed and prepared to do this once or twice every day for weeks or months, depending on how deeply rooted the negative self belief is. The subconscious often takes a while to absorb and accept a new belief system, but once it does you'll experience a payback far better than anything your old negative self would have believed possible.

As mentioned before, this can be applied to a wide range of situations. If you desire financial freedom visualize yourself as being wealthy and successful and affirm "I attract wealth and success" or "I choose to bring $xxxxxx into my life" (however remember not to be unrealistic about this). If you want to lose weight visualize yourself as being slim, healthy and active and affirm "I'm slim, healthy and attractive" or "I'm slim and healthy and my body is beautiful".

Affirmations must be stated - as above - in the present tense, and negative terminology should be completely avoided. For example you wouldn't affirm "I'm not fat anymore" because the subconscious wouldn't pick up on the "not" but would focus only on "fat".

Your Subconscious WILL Guide You

These processes of visualization and affirmations work because, for all of its tremendous power and ability, your subconscious responds to what it gets from your conscious mind. Someone who lacks self belief, or who believes that they can't stop overeating, does so because that is what their conscious mind has been constantly "visualizing" and thinking, and so this "belief" has become imprinted on the subconscious which then does everything in its vast power to ensure that the individual concerned continues to have a strong lack of self belief, or continues to believe that they can't stop overeating. However through relaxation, visualization and affirmations, aka self hypnosis, your subconscious will just as effectively accept and implement a new and positive belief system, with all of the considerable benefits and changes that would bring into your life.

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