Overcoming Water Phobia
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The association between water and excessive fear - water phobia - is actually, through hypnosis/self hypnosis, quite easy to eliminate. Fear of water is one of those things that can be either sensible or exaggerated. No one, except with a very good reason, would consider jumping from a ship into a deep and tempestuous sea. On the other hand having a balanced respect for water would not prevent you from flying overseas because the flight path went over an ocean or sea, as is the case in some of the more extreme cases.

Phobia of water - aka aquaphobia - like all phobias is a learned or conditioned response. In this case the response most likely derives from some past experience, probably in childhood, which involved finding yourself struggling underwater and feeling the sense of oncoming panic as your air supply was cut off.

Or perhaps you witnessed something similar happening to a loved one or close friend, who may not have survived the incident. Either way or in whatever specific circumstance it took place, the terror and shock of the experience imprinted itself on the subconscious which has since "learned" to associate water with the original terror and shock.

It's also possible that if such an incident took place at a very young age then a hydrophobic may not even have a clear conscious memory of it, but subconsciously most certainly will. Through hypnosis this fearful memory - negative association - can be ventilated and neutralized. Not through some sort of "shock therapy" but by gently and easily "persuading" the subconscious to let go of its irrational attachment to exaggerated fears about water.

Through this process the phobia about water either quickly or gradually disappears, leaving you with a balance between having a sensible respect for water and having no needless fear of it. Hypnosis Downloads have worked with and cured many aquaphobics over the years, and details of the Overcome Fear of Water hypnosis download are available here.

Overcome Fear of Water Hypnosis Download

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