Ways To Improve Self Esteem

With regard to building self confidence there are ways to improve self esteem which are simple and practical and taking these steps will have a psychologically beneficial effect. In the final analysis learning how to build self esteem and confidence is about changing the deeply ingrained negative thoughts, feelings, notions and beliefs you hold about yourself into positive thoughts and beliefs and this change takes place in the subconscious mind, most effectively through hypnosis, but by also using these practical ways to improve self esteem you will encourage and accelerate your overall progress.

Every thought that you harbour in your mind and every action that you take, even down to the smallest and most seemingly insignificant things, has an effect on you and your life. Thoughts and feelings, about yourself or about anything else, can only be either positive or negative. 

You may think that sometimes your thoughts about various things are indifferent, neither good or bad, positive or negative, but that is not actually the case. You can only think and feel either positively or negatively, though it's only when something has immediate relevance to you that you become consciously aware of it. You have roughly around 50,000 "thoughts" every day, and obviously you can't be consciously aware of all of them. 

It would be wrong to assume that because you're not consciously aware of them then they must be unimportant. They're not unimportant because it's actually these "hidden" thoughts and feelings which drive you and your life and determine whether you're happy or not, successful or not, and have healthy self esteem or not. Your entire life and being is based on your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, and without them you wouldn't exist in any meaningful sense of the word. If you change your thoughts, you change your life.

Changing your deepest thought processes about yourself from negative to positive is of course a "mental" process, but here are some steps you can take to assist the process in your day to day life.


Start by getting into the habit of monitoring how you put yourself across to the wider world through your body language and way of speaking. Even if you don't actually feel confident there is nothing wrong with looking as if you do. It's not about trying to be someone or something that you're not, it's about starting to gradually fill your mind with the thought and feeling of you as a confident and self assured person. If you think confident, you start to feel confident, and when you start to feel confident it won't be too long before you are confident, at least more than you were. Start to consciously get into the habit of walking purposefully, head up and shoulders back, and speaking in a relaxed but assured voice and manner. In due course you will actually start to feel more confident.

Make a point of developing positive relationships with people whenever possible and desirable. Even if you're a bit nervous about opening a conversation with someone try to remember that people generally don't bite and that the sky won't fall in because you told someone that they're looking good or whatever.

Train yourself - gradually - to be more assertive. Understand the critical importance of being able to say No. Self esteem and self respect are intertwined, and you won't respect yourself if you allow yourself to be led along by the opinions and demands of others. The world won't end if you stand up for yourself and say no to something that you don't want to do, in fact you'll almost immediately start to feel better about yourself.

Start making a conscious mental effort to focus more on what's positive about you and your life, and less on the negative. What's to be gained from dwelling on past misfortunes and failings, other than to note that everyone has had them, not just you. Deliberately make yourself think more about things you've done well in the past, good experiences and times that you've had.

Respect your body and your overall appearance. Eat well and healthily and do what you can to keep or get yourself in shape. Dress in a way that you're comfortable with but with a little added touch of style.

The ways to improve self esteem outlined here won't in and of themselves eliminate the deeper thought processes that create low self esteem but they will - in conjunction with the use of self esteem building hypnosis downloads - help to boost and accelerate your overall progress.

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