Using Wealth Affirmations
& Autosuggestion For Prosperity

Using the power of your subconscious to make wealth affirmations really work is more than just possible. The subconscious mind, if approached or harnessed through words of affirmation and under the right conditions and with accuracy and persistence, will respond to prosperity affirmations by guiding you through the steps necessary for fulfillment of your financial goal. Perhaps right now, on the conscious level, these "steps" are a mystery to you, but subconsciously you know exactly what to do and who to see in order to bring money and wealth into your life. Wealth affirmations, if correctly applied, are an invaluable tool which you can use to tap into that subconscious knowledge.

Your ability to bring - or allow - prosperity and wealth into your life depends on how you feel, deep down, about money, yourself and life in general. It would be hard to find someone who wouldn't agree that it would be nice to be rich, however many of them might be surprised to learn that the main reason for their lack of money has less to do with lack of opportunity or luck, and more to do with negative beliefs about themselves and money.

It's more than possible, through self hypnosis, to replace negative and limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to create and handle wealth with positive ones which will then start to help you make great strides toward the achievement of your goal. Your subconscious can be easily put to work for you instead of against you.

The positive and consistent use of wealth affirmations for abundance and prosperity is one method of getting through to your subconscious, which will in due course respond to the strength of desire and imagery behind the affirmation by not only showing you how to bring your desired outcome into actuality but also by actually attracting it to you. You could also assist this process by making use of some of the personal development resources available, one of the best of which can be found here at

Wealth affirmations can be applied anywhere, anytime. Affirm to yourself silently or aloud. Whether you actually believe it or not doesn't actually really matter. The thoughts of wealth and success that are naturally associated with the affirmation will, through repetition, gradually filter through to the subconscious.

However, if you wish to use affirmations as your sole means of harnessing the power of your subconscious, then it would be advisable to put more "work" into it.

Begin by setting aside around 15 minutes in the day or evening when you can have quiet, comfort and privacy, preferably at roughly the same time every day or evening.


When you're ready to start, lie down, preferably on a bed and in a room with a calm ambience and moderate temperature. When you're comfortably lying down, fix your eyes on some point above you and slowly let them close. Then begin to allow your muscles to relax slowly and gradually, from your feet up to your neck and face. As you're physically relaxing, begin to breathe fairly deeply and regularly, and then create in your mind an image of calm and tranquillity.

Maintain your physical relaxation, breathing and visualization of calmness and serenity for a further few minutes, then gradually bring into your mind an image of your desired goal. In this case the image would be of money, either as a bundle of cash, with a wrapper around it indicating the desired sum and with your name on it, or perhaps in the form of one of your bank statements with the appropriate amount on it, or alternatively simply see yourself enjoying a wealthy and carefree lifestyle.

Wealth Affirmations

At this point begin, slowly and deliberately, to whisper your chosen affirmation. Choose one from the affirmation list below or formulate your own.

I accept and allow prosperity and abundance into my life

I attract wealth and success

I'm prosperous and successful and attract money

I attract wealth and abundance into my life

As you're repeating your affirmation, maintain your relaxed state and the visualization of your money. Focus your visualization on it closely, so much so that you can almost feel it in your hand, and can emotionally feel what it will be like to have it.

Continue the focused and concentrated visualization of the money while you slowly and deliberately repeat the affirmation about 20 times, then allow your vocal repetition to trail off and continue repeating the affirmation mentally, all the while maintaining the visualization. After a few minutes of this, just let it float away altogether, then gradually bring yourself back to the conscious state.

If you're prepared to be diligent and persistent and do this every day, without fail, for weeks or months, (getting the visualization clear and sharp can require practice) you will eventually get results, in that you'll have some genuinely inspired idea about money that you'd never have previously have had, or that you'll find yourself making new friends and associates who will open doors for you which before were firmly closed.

You may also find an element of "coincidence" coming into things, where for example you meet someone in some highly unlikely situation who you haven't seen for years and who then points you toward some opportunity which would never otherwise have been revealed to you. This is where synchronicity can come into it, by way of the means by which your subconscious will now be working to actually attract wealth to you as well as guide you towards it.

It's important not to start with an unrealistic goal or time frame. If you're currently short of money then the acquisition of some large amount of money within a short space of time is probably not realistic. If you attempted to use wealth affirmations in this way you'd fall victim to reverse psychology, whereby your critical and analytical conscious mind would continually assert to you that it couldn't possibly happen, and consequently your imagination would work against you instead of for you. Start with some comparatively modest goal, then go on to bigger things.

Positive Self Affirmations

Correct framing of these affirmations is also very important. Never use any element of the negative i.e. "I'm not poor anymore". Use wealth affirmations in such a way that suggests that you already have what you want. When visualizing feel your money, feel yourself as being wealthy. The subconscious does not differentiate between what is currently "real" or what is being imagined, it simply "follows instructions". To gain results more quickly, combine your use of affirmations with the use of prosperity themed hypnosis downloads. This represents a perhaps easier way of using your subconscious power to answer your prosperity prayer. With this technique, it's not necessary to maintain the level of conscious awareness required for the continual repetition of the affirmation, as you can simply relax in a semi trance state and allow the suggestions and imagery coming through your pc or mp3 to sink into your subconscious and start to take effect.

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