Using Weight Loss Affirmations
The Power Of Autohypnosis

To achieve your ideal weight using weight loss affirmations is more than just possible. By using weight loss affirmations you're creating a mental pathway along which your conscious mind transmits its keenly felt desire to lose weight into your subconscious which holds within it the power to change or improve any aspect of your life.

We could say that these words of affirmation are like instalments of software you download daily into the infinitely powerful computer that is your subconscious, the objective being to reprogram the subconscious in such a way that it will in due course eliminate from your mentality any negative thoughts or emotions you have which cause you to overeat.

Repeating a daily affirmation actually resembles a mild form of brainwashing technique. Politicians and large companies use television and other media to repeat their "mantras", specific key phrases - affirmations - which they use to promote their message or brand.

As an individual, you can use weight loss affirmations and self hypnosis in a much more effective and direct way to realise your goal. In this instance, your brain, or more accurately your subconscious, is being "washed" by you and your very own affirmations which stem from your very own conscious desire to lose weight.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Self hypnosis will only be most effective under conditions of privacy, quiet, and relaxation. After you've chosen which one of the powerful affirmations listed below is best for you, set aside 15-30 minutes every day or evening - for a few weeks - to be alone and become relaxed.

Lie down, preferably on a bed, and let your arms, hands and legs become limp. Start to breathe regularly and fairly deeply, then fix your eyes on some point just above your normal range of vision, then slowly let them close. Continue breathing fairly steadily and deeply, let your muscles slowly and gradually begin to loosen, from your feet up to your neck, and then fill your mind with some image you associate with relaxation and tranquillity, all the while breathing slowly and letting your muscles relax.

Mental Imagery

By now - after 5-10 minutes - you should be quite deeply relaxed and now much "closer" to your subconscious and everything that it can do for you.

Now think of an image of yourself as you actually want to be, slim, fit and healthy, and then maintain that image of yourself in your mind.

When your mind is filled with this image of yourself as you want to be, then begin to say or whisper to yourself your chosen affirmation. Repeat the affirmation, slowly and deliberately, around 20 - 30 times - though of course you don't need to count - all the while maintaining the image of yourself as slim, strong and healthy in your mind. After a while - you'll sort of instinctively know when - you can cease using the affirmation and gradually bring yourself back to normal consciousness.

If you follow this procedure, accurately, persistently, and every day for a few weeks, you'll soon find that your appetite has noticeably diminished, and that you're losing interest in sweet and junk food. That, combined with a normal level of physical activity, will result in significant weight loss, and a tremendous boost to your psychological and emotional well being.

However, using weight loss affirmations in this way could be described as self hypnosis the hard way. By listening to a hypnosis download from your pc or mp3 player you do away with the need to keep up a sufficient level of consciousness to maintain the verbal repetition of the affirmation. With a download or mp3, the suggestions are coming from outside, and are easier to assimilate and let sink into your subconscious, and that, combined with your daily deep relaxation and visualization, tends to produce results more quickly.

However, if you want to use both methods, here is a list of weight loss related affirmations:

I'm slim and healthy and attractive

I'm strong, healthy and slim

I'm fit, healthy and full of energy

I am slim, healthy and proud of my body

I'm slim, beautiful and healthy

I'm healthy, light and full of energy

Words of Power

Please note that all of the weight loss affirmations contained in the above list of affirmations refer to a situation where you're visualizing and affirming in such a way that suggests that you already have what you want. Use weight loss affirmations in such a way that you feel and really imagine yourself as being as slim as you want to be. The subconscious doesn't differentiate between what is currently real and what is being visualized, and will therefore readily act to begin to create the reality being visualized.

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