What is Low Self Esteem
Signs of Low Self Esteem

The best way to use self hypnosis for gaining self confidence would be to begin by first asking yourself - what is low self esteem? In learning how to build self confidence it's best to have some grounding in the causes and effects of low self esteem.

Some of the information available on the general theme of confidence boosting tends to overlook the importance of the individual having an understanding of the root cause of their condition.

What Is Low Self Esteem

Poor self esteem is actually a learned condition. No one is born with it. The seeds of this negative programming are often - but not always - planted in childhood. Unfair criticism of a child by parents and/or teachers, especially on a regular basis, will definitely increase the possibility of the child developing a serious loss of confidence which will go on to affect his or her whole outlook on life.

Children with abusive parents, or who have been otherwise abused, children whose parents are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, children brought up in circumstances of serious poverty within developed economies, and, in some cases, young children who have witnessed parental divorce, all have an aggravated risk of growing up with a low sense of self worth.

Even an adult with a balanced and loving background can experience the psychology of low self esteem if, for example, you lost your job and were repeatedly unsuccessful at future job interviews, or perhaps as a result of a particularly crushing and humiliating rejection by someone you'd personally had strong and positive feelings for.

Effects and implications

In considering the question of what is low self esteem, a brief look at some of the ways that it manifests itself in a person's life and personality will be useful.

People with poor self esteem tend to think of themselves as somehow unworthy and undeserving, with little or no self respect. They feel that there is nothing that they could or should do to try to improve their lives. They are often overly concerned about others' opinions of them, and also tend to be indecisive. They may also have poor communications skills, maybe compounded by a poor educational background, and often have difficulty saying "No"

If you encountered a situation where there's an opportunity to let's say, apply for a certain job or approach a person who you consider to be attractive, would the first thought that comes into your mind be something like "No, it just would'nt happen to me" or "No, I just could'nt pull it off" and would that thought be in the form of a mental picture of yourself being rejected or unsuccessful in some way?

If you knew that some situation where you may be required to address a group of people, or approach someone in authority with a request for something that you want was coming up, would you feel a generalised sense of apprehension, even dread, about this upcoming event?

Do you, like many people, dream of financial independence, being your own boss and being in control of your own destiny, but then get a seemingly automatic feeling or thought along the lines of "It's just not for me" or "Why bother, I'd only fail anyway"

Are you a victim of some sort in an abusive relationship, where you're allowing yourself to be treated badly, possibly because you don't feel that you deserve any better?

These are some of the personality traits and attitudes exhibited by people with low self esteem which can be changed for the better through self hypnosis.

A weak sense of self worth is usually accompanied by the belief that unless you're "the same" as other people whom you see as being attractive, successful etc, then you're not a person worthy of respect or consideration. You've lost awareness of the reality of the vast and perhaps even infinite potential you have within yourself to be whoever you really want to be.

Instead, you fall into the trap of actually believing that you're in some way deficient, as if you'd been somehow singled out to be less attractive and successful than everyone else.

This is, of course, completely delusional thinking, and illustrates how someone could get completely wrapped up in a negative view of themselves and of its potential to lead to a life of insecurity and depression. After all, what is low self esteem but a form of delusion.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Delusions are not based on reality, but the power of the mind is. It is absolutely within the power of your mind to permanently alter your perception of yourself for the better. It's often found that hypnosis downloads and confidence building go together, this being because confidence, or lack of it, is a state of mind and self hypnosis is a way of drawing on the power of the subconscious to change the deeper state of mind of the person involved.

Therefore, if you have a serious problem with low self esteem, or if you just feel that your confidence could do with a boost, the use of appropriately themed self hypnosis downloads, created by professionally recognised experts in the field, represents a highly effective way of dealing with the problem at its core and overcoming low self esteem.

The journey towards realising your full potential begins with the first step.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads For Self Esteem Building

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