Womens Self Esteem
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Womens Self Esteem

Barriers to self empowerment and raising womens self esteem are still in some respects there but are by no means insurmountable. There's lots of things in life that can make overcoming low self esteem a bit of a challenge for anyone, if they allow them to, but as far as womens self esteem is concerned there's sometimes an additional barrier involved.

Large companies invest countless millions and make even more countless millions by marketing products and services such as tv advertising, magazines, cosmetics, diets, pills etc, aimed mostly at women and promoted in a way that deliberately plays on the doubts and insecurities that some women have about themselves; the intention being of course to convince these women that buying these products and services will make their sense of insecurity and low self esteem go away.

If you're a woman with self esteem problems you could go on all the diets, buy and use all the cosmetics in the world, spend your life chasing the "ideal" body image and still find that at the end of the day you've still got a negative perception of yourself.

As far as womens self esteem is concerned there's obviously nothing wrong with using cosmetics in a sensible way, and a healthy diet is essential for anyone, but if you lack confidence, for whatever reason, focusing only on your exterior self isn't going to change anything for the better, could in fact make things worse.

It's a basic truth of hypnosis and psychology that low self esteem comes from within, so therefore has to be dealt with from within.

This principle applies equally to any aspirations you may have concerning for example success in business or employment prospects. A negative perception of yourself will hold you back, a positive one can only help you move forward.

If you have a mental habit of thinking negatively about yourself, and changed that mental habit to one of thinking positively about yourself - and you can - you'd find yourself becoming a much more relaxed, assured, optimistic and of course happier woman. Worries about things like lack of ability in business or at work or body image would become very much secondary for you. You'd no longer look in the mirror and see only a negative version of yourself but instead would start to notice the positive aspects.

Womens Self Esteem

Don't waste psychic/mental energy worrying overmuch about what others may or may not think. Learn to believe in your abilities, uniqueness and inner beauty because they are there.

Decide what it is about yourself that you most want to change or improve. Decide on your goal and be prepared to stick to it.

If you do suffer from low self esteem you can start to change that right now. Start by deciding that you're going to focus on developing your self esteem, and pay less attention to negative thoughts about yourself or to the airbrushed blandishments of the media and advertising industries.

The aim here is to encourage you to think positively and optimistically about the road ahead, even looking forward to the challenges that will come as you travel the road to healthy self esteem. You CAN do it! You have nothing to lose but your negative delusions about yourself!

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Raising womens self esteem or for that matter anyone's self esteem is actually quite easy. What you have to do is train your conscious mind to consistently send positive thoughts about yourself to your subconscious. While your subconscious mind is all powerful, it will nevertheless create in the actuality of your life situations and conditions which reflect the nature of the conscious thoughts which become imprinted on it.

In other words if your dominant conscious thoughts about yourself and life in general are of low self worth, fear, worry etc then your subconscious will manifest situations and conditions in your life which will confirm this view. Obviously the opposite also applies. If you train your conscious mind - through self hypnosis - to constantly think positive thoughts about yourself, this will soon, through your subconscious, be reflected in the reality of your life. Your subconscious works to manifest what it gets from your conscious mind, irrespective of whether it's positive or negative, and also irrespective of whether or not it's real or imagined. An effective way of facilitating this mental training is by absorbing a relevantly themed hypnosis download on a daily and/or nightly basis, and more info is available here.

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